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Advertising, Figural, Character
and Miniature Knives

The knives in this group can have unique shapes, picture handles, celluloid handles, color etched handles and embossed handles. Advertising and promotional knives usually have a company name or logo on the handles. The figural knives are shaped like other objects, or like animals or people. Character knives include Pop Eye, Hopalong Cassidy, Buck Rogers and others. Miniature knives can be functional or just charms. Some miniatures are very well done miniaturized knife copies of full size knives.

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Miniature folders and fixed blade knives by Spyderco, Parker, pewter sword, Japan. One is a silver tie tack made to look like a Randall. All in excellent or better condition. Most include a gift box.
$10.00 to $59.00
A-00049 to A-00058
$8.95 to $25.95
Just Reduced

Only six left!

$0.00 to $0.00
A-00059 to A-00080

Coming soon


Advertising knives by Wenger Budweiser, Carl Schlieper eye brand knife opener, Kershaw pen knife, Beechcraft, Czechoslovakia knife. 

Advertising and miniature knives by Hammer Brand, Colonial Prov. USA. All in excellent or better condition. All made in the USA.   Sold
A-00029 to A-00033

Advertising and miniature knives by Frost, Colonial Alaska Prov. USA and Mexico flag color knife. All in near mint condition.
A-00034 to A-00036

Pearl Dancer leg knife set mint in a fancy display box.   A-00016  Sold

Daniel Peres two blade advertising knife made in Germany between 1792-1935 with the ale barrel logo on the blade. H.B. Hardenberg Co. New York.  A-00045  Sold

Kershaw Pistol shape knife, Model 22CAL lock back one blade folder with drop point, mint in the box. Includes the original great sheath. 

Parker Damascus Mini Bowie with horn handle and leather sheath. 

United miniature hunting knives with genuine bone handles. Fancy green display box marked Master of the Wilderness, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Jim Bowie. All are mint with serial number 626 etched on the nickel silver bolsters. Early United from the late 1970's or 1980's.   A-00048  Sold

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