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  • Blog Archives - click for the archives of the content in the blog which started Nov. 8, 2009.
  •  Over 1.966 million Document Views in the month of October 2006. The most ever in a single month since we started back in 1999.
  •  WebTrends Log Analyzer Version 8.1 is our new web traffic reporting software. It makes the reports we produce for our advertisers easier to read. In time it will improve website effectiveness and offer insights into what our visitors find important. It will deliver relevant analysis to our staff. Oct. 12, 2006
  •  GeoTargeting: World Wide Selective Targeting of ads to specific countries. Oct. 4, 2006

  •  Free Vintage Knife Backgrounds for your computer desktop
    Aug. 19, 2006
  •  New improved banner delivery system. We've added added a new banner delivery system which is an improvement over the other system we where using. It is designed to give more control for our advertisers in showing their advertising on our network! 4-6-2006
  • New feature:
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  •  Over 2.23 million document views in 2005 and over 1.17 million visitors for and together!
    • 1,171,644 Visitors in 2005
        Up 7% from 2004

    • Our best year yet!
      January 2, 2006


  •  We where #1 in our category on 12-16-2005 and 11-17-2005 according to Two months in a row.
  •  Knife Web Guide Fifth Anniversary birthday November 2005
  •  The Knife Web Guide has been expanded again with 76 theme-categories and over 125 pages. The index page of the Knife Web Guide is now a multi-tier link directory in a hierarchical fashion. This organized the categories into smaller more focused groups.

    Byron Rogers - Director of the KWG said "We tried to make it as useful to our visitors as possible".

    For more information Click here: Knife Web Guide Help and FAQ.

  •  We where #1 in our category on Feb. 16, 2005 according to

  •  Over 1.88 million page views in 2004 and over 1.09 million visitors for and together!

    • 1,090,696 Visitors in 2004
        Up 12% from 2003
      January 5, 2005

  •  Knife Web Guide gets a new look and its own search engine for internal search. The Guide has been improved and expanded with 76 theme-Categories and over 100 pages. Several other new features were introduced when the new Guide went live on December 5, 2004.

    Byron Rogers - founder said "We have been working on the new KWG for the previous eight months. We hope it will make searching for cutlery related sites and information much easier for all knife, sword and cutlery enthusiasts".

    For more information Click here:  Knife Web Guide: What's New and Knife Web Guide Help and FAQ . 12-6-04

  •  New banner delivery system. We are proud to announce the addition of our banner delivery system. It is designed to give control over advertising on our network! 8-6-04
  •  We are #1 in our category on July 12, 2004 according to
  • is in the top ten most highly ranked knife web sites on the internet in our category, according to
    Feb. 4, 2004
  •  Over 1.74 million page views in 2003 and over 975,000 visitors for and together.
    • 975,300 Visitors in 2003
        Up 43% from 2002
        January 8, 2004

  • is one of the best and most popular knife related websites. Click here to see the complete group.
    September 24, 2003
  •  As of August 31, 2003 and together have had over one million page views for the current year! This surpasses last years, 2002, total page views about four months early! 
    August 2003

  • is number one in the Google Web Directory
    April 16, 2003.
  •  Diamond Web Award Winner 2003.
  •  Golden Web Award Winner 2001, 2002 and 2003. More awards.
  • and A Growth Machine in 2002 Over 1,000,000 Page Views in 2002!

    • 678,275 Visitors in 2002
      Up 135% from 2001
      Feb. 17, 2003

  • is one of the most highly ranked knife web sites on the internet. According to* More Details
    Dec. 5, 2002
  • --- (Your gateway to knife, sword and cutlery information™) was two years old in Oct. 2002
    Oct. 28, 2002.
  •  10th Anniversary. Cutlers Cove celebrates ten years of dealing in vintage knives. Cutlers Cove started selling and trading knives part time in May or June of 1991 in Austin, Texas out of Byron Rogers' photography studio. At that time the company was named simply Cameras, Darkroom, Knives and was changed to Cameras, Telescopes, Knives less than two years later. August 1, 1992 we moved to San Angelo, Texas. The camera and knife areas of the company were made into two divisions in 1995. That is when the name Cutler's Cove came into being.
    May 2001
    More information: A letter from the owner and founder.
  • Online Debut: September 14, 1999.

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  •  Cutler's Cove Knife Emporium is listed in the new Maloneys Antiques & Collectibles Resource Directory on MaloneysOnline in the Knives section under Internet Resources and Dealers. More details.

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  •  If you are with the Press we can give you photos and graphics in three resolutions to use in an article about us or the cutlery industry. The only requirement is to give us credit or copyright for the artwork.
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Customer Comments and Testimonials

  •  A truly great site. I knew there had to be a good web site on knives and I found it here. Thanks. Earl Noah
  •  Nicely Laid out. Easy to read and find. Well done.
    Mike Werner, BSAP Consultant Services, Lubbock, TX
  •  Good luck on your e-venture. Seems like you've made a good start towards supplementing your physical presence at shows with a virtual presence online. Guy Teague, Ft. Worth, Texas

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Byron Rogers
P.O. Box 3171
San Angelo, TX 76902
Tel: 325-617-2578
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