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For Immediate Release Ė One Year Old Web Store For Vintage Knife Enthusiasts


September 5, 2000

Contact: Byron Rogers
Tel (325) 617-2578
Web Site:


Cutler's Cove started a web store one year ago on September 14, 1999 and now has a web site that is very helpful for all knife enthusiasts. There are over 80 links to useful resources and information about knives on the Knife Links and More pages, including a recommended reading list of knife books and magazines. The article titled Knife Collecting: A Beginning is a very good starting place to learn about the different types or patterns of knives and how to start a knife collection.

They have new, used, vintage, and antique knives, that change weekly. Byron Rogers, founder and owner of Cutler's Cove said, "One of the reasons that we specialize in vintage knives is because they are unique and no longer made. We consider many of the knives fine examples of workmanship, and design and would like the site to help people learn what a quality knife is and how to recognize one."

Cutler's Cove buys, sells, trades, and consigns all types and brands of knives, including folding and fixed blades. The site is an all-in-one shopping and educational resource that has everything people need for knife collecting: affordable products, reliable advice, and quality service. They have a free E-Newsletter titled CC-Newsletter that you can sign up for on-line. It covers new changes and products added to the site as well as special offers, discounts, and more.

Cutler's Cove, which started in 1991 in Austin, Texas, is located in San Angelo, Texas and is represented at over 35 knife shows, and gun and knife shows each year. Rogers, said, "Most of the shows we attend are in Texas and in the Golden Triangle of Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. We of course attend many west Texas shows also."


Contact Information: Use form here.
Tel (325) 617-2578
Web site:

Before the dawn of civilization, fire and the knife were man's first steps toward a better life.

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