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Marbles Trailmaker Stag Bowie 15" overall, all stag handle, only 200 made in 1992, near mint in box. Marked Scagel Handmade on front, on back marked M.S.A. 1992. Compare this first production run in 1992 to the current Trailmaker by going here. Notice the aluminum butt and not the stag on the current Trailmaker. The stag butt was more pricey back in the old days. This is going to be great investment! It is near mint because there is a very small discolored spot on the back side near the tip in the clip point of the carbon steel blade.

If you would like to know more about Marbles and the above knife read this below.

One of the oldest names in American knives. Webster Marble built his first knives and axes in 1883 and built his first factory in Gladstone Michigan about 1898. They manufactured several high quality sheath and hunting knives. Their Safety Folding knives were considered "Top Drawer Quality" by any sportsmen lucky enough to own one.

Marbles featured pocketknives in their early catalogs. I have one catalog that shows them with MSA stamp and one that shows them with W.R. Case stamp. Quite frankly the only genuine Marbles folding pocketknife I have seen is the Pearl handled Sunfish marked MSA Gladstone, Michigan. In 25 year of trading and collecting, I have owned 5 different Scagel folders; however, I have yet to find a worn out, broken, or otherwise condition of an MSA pocket knife or Marble's pocketknife.

I will list knives with MSA Gladstone, Michigan in first listing. This mark was used from 1893 until about WW I. Prices listed are for mint condition knives with original leather sheaths. A missing sheath will devalue a knife 10-20%. A sheath knife with leather in excellent condition is worth 75% of mint price. The second listing will be WW I until 1950's. The third listing is the compact line in the early 1970's.

For pictures and history of Marble's knives, I recommend Marble's Knives and Axes by Konrad F. Schreier Jr. please bear in mind that these MSA knives are pre WW I. Many very rare models are seldom seen so be very careful and be sure of what you are buying. Tennessee River Valley Knife Association trademarked Marble's in 1990 in trademark classification 8. The Marble's Arms Corporation in Gladstone, Michigan had not produced knives since 1977 and had not renewed the trademark since 1948. Thusly, the trademark expired. TRVKA produced several thousand knives under their trademark. Marble's Arms Corp was sold to CRL, Inc. in 1994 and TRVKA sold the Marble's trademark for cutlery to CRL, Inc in 1996. The firm now operates under the name Marble's Arm CRL, Inc. As of August 15, 1996, their plans were uncertain as to what they were going to produce in knives. FROM: Pocket Knife Traders Price Guide Vol. 3. By Jim Parker ©1997

In late 1997 the new owners of Marbles started making more knives at their Gladstone, Michigan facility. The first ones were made using the old knife blades and parts that were left over from the old days. This group of knives are all fixed blades. Most of the old parts have been used up, and they are not making any more pocketknives as of 1997. They are using custom rolled 52-100 high carbon steel in the current knives.

See the Marbles History on the Marbles web site with interesting points on Marbles past.


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