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 Our Awards

Awards we have won from the internet community, organizations and sites. Cutlers Cove thanks those who decided that our site was worthy enough for these awards and honors!

Cutler's Cove is honored to have been chosen for an Diamond Web Award, which is a user driven web voting system. 2003

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To win the Diamond Web Award, you need to receive 100 votes.

Third year 
in a row.

Cutler's Cove is honored to have been chosen for our third Golden Web Award in recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web in 2003-2004.

The World Famous Golden Web Awards,
the Most Popular Website Award in the World.

Established in 1996.

Cutler's Cove is honored to have been chosen for our second Golden Web Award in 2002-2003.

Golden Web Award Winner 2001-2002 
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Cutler's Cove is honored to have been chosen for our first Golden Web Award in 2001-2002.

The websites submitted are judged and scored in three primary categories: Design, Content, and Originality. Each category may receive a score of Between 1 to 10. Up to three V.V.C. members may score a particular website. The scores from each V.V.C. member are totaled (30 being a perfect score). These scores are than added together and averaged for a final score. Note: Winning the award requires a total score of between 24 to 30.

Further, it represents that your work is considered an outstanding website, incorporating high standards of design, originality and content. Most importantly, the Golden Web Award lets others know your viewed as a respected professional by your peers, one who is deserving of recognition.

This site's been granted Best Site Award by AntiqueCollector.uk.com.

This site's been granted Best Site Award by AntiqueCollector.uk.com.

"I visited your Website today at: http://cutlerscove.com and noticed that you have achieved many site awards for the quality and content of your site. Your used knife content is in context and with clear descriptions and good photographs, you seem to have a winner."  Phil Chave

Eagel Website Award from OEG

The purpose of this award program is to recognize websites with outdoor resource and educational value that is distinguished among the others in both graphics and information.
Justin Boyette - Deputy Editor
The Outdoor Equipment Guide (OEG)

Antique Resources Award

Antique Resources Award is given to sites offering products or services related to antiques and collectibles including, but not limited to: software to catalog, products to restore or preserve collections, services to locate items, appraisal services, informational and/or well designed websites, clubs or organizations.


CutlersCove.com is one of the most highly ranked knife web sites on the internet, according to TrafficRanking.com. Click here for all the details.

#1 in our category

We're featured in Buyer's Index -- The best search engine for Web and Catalog shopping.

Be sure to look for latest edition.

Continuing the tradition of providing the most comprehensive information for buying, selling, researching, and enjoying antiques and collectibles, the number one resource directory, now in its 7th edition, weighs in at over 976 pages, and 2 full inches thick!

Readers will find all the basic resources they need in one single reference. Listings for collector clubs, specialty periodicals, dealers, collectors, experts, buyers, appraisers, parts suppliers, reproduction sources, Internet resources, repair/restoration/ conservation specialists, auction services, manufacturers/distributors of contemporary collectibles and much, much more. Nearly 25,000 listings total! Where to go to get parts or have repairs done, where to go to match patterns, and much more. A library of information essential for every serious collector.

Cutler's Cove Knife Emporium is listed in the 2001 Maloneys Antiques & Collectibles Resource Directory on MaloneysOnline in the Knives section under Internet Resources and Dealers. 

Below is the listing: 

Cutler's Cove Knife Emporium
P.O. Box 3171
San Angelo, TX 76092-3171
info @ cutlerscove.com

Offers on-line web selling and buying of vintage knives, both folders and fixed blades; web site has knife information, knife collecting tips, and over 80 links to more knife information; since 1991.


is a completely free searchable online database of over 18,000 resources for over 3000 categories of antiques, collectibles, art, gems & jewelry, and much more. Specialty clubs, periodicals, experts, buyers, sellers, appraisers, repairers, auctioneers, book sources, museums/libraries, etc.

Real People Helping People Cutler's Cove Knife Emporium is listed on the Custom Knifemaking Link Categories Directory on Suite 101 Custom Knifemaking site in the two listings below. We are also listed in the Articles with two articles.
See below:

Custom Knifemaking March 2001
By Gail Ford

Top Web sites
My favorite sites-follow all the excellent links from these pages and you'll find all the info you need! By Gail Ford

  • Custom Knife Purveyors and/ or Retail Sales

Cutler's Cove - Knife Web Guide
The new guide for knife resources and information on the web. The Knife Web Guide has 68 theme categories with over 875 links to knife information, magazines, knife manufacturers, knife collecting, custom knife makers, barberania, schools, scrimshaw, sheaths, books, swords, knife maker supplies, shows, forums, sharpeners, and related sites. Excellent site!

  • Knife & Sword Auctions/Vintage Knife Sales

Cutlers Cove
Cutlers Cove has specialized in vintage knives including pocket knives, folders, and fixed blades since 1991.

We are also listed in the Articles with two articles showing and their dates. See below:

25 March 2001
Another GREAT Web Site! The Knife Web Guide
A brief summary of some things you can find at the Knife Web Guide. A great site!

12 March 2001
Knife Care and Maintenance
This article is about "Knife Maintenance", by Byron Rogers of Cutlers Cove.

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