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We no longer take knives on consignment
We no longer take knives on consignment

Does Cutlers Cove accept knives for consignment?

Answer: No we do not.

Let us sell your knives
for the most!

Put your knives on consignment.

To make this as compelling as possible, here’s what we’ll do for you over the 90 days or more: 

  •  So, by consigning your knives with us we promote your stuff on CutlersCove.com and we will promote each item via a Tweet. http://twitter.com/CutlersCove

  •  Beyond Twitter, we’ll promote you and your knives across all the various social networking sites where we have a presence.

  •  Each of your knives will be searchable on CutlersCove.com built in search engine.

  •  We add each new knife to CutlersCove.com What’s New category in our Blog including a small thumbnail image and description that link directly to the special product page built for selling your knife.

  •  We make high quality photographs of your knives and show them using a large image about 800 pixels wide on the special product page built for selling your knife.

  •  We describe your knife and all it's included accessories in detail on the special product page built for selling your knife.

  •  We make it easy for customs to purchase your knife because we accept all the major credit cards through PayPal, Western Union, money orders, checks and CutlersCove.com Gift Certificates.

  • Included in the 25%: credit card and PayPal processing fees (typically 2.9% – 5% per transaction). We pay these fees out of our consignment fee from you.

  •  We pay you by safe money order mailed directly to you.

To add your knife or knives to the web site there is a $10.00 listing fee, payable up front for each knife, to photograph the knife and build a web page for it and add it to the site. This web site listing fee is in addition to the consignment fee of 25% and it is not refundable if the knife does not sell. We also make sure each knife is listed with an accurate description and that the web page has good meta tags so that your knife is more likely to be listed by the search engines.

Your single knife must be worth a minimum of $150 or your group of knives must be worth a minimum
of $300 to consign for the web site.

The $10 fee does not completely cover our cost to add your item to the site but it helps cover some of our over head such as the photograph, building the web page and hosting the page. We will also give you a copy of the image we make of your knife at no additional cost if you ask.

Remember our sites receive over
1000 visitors every day!

Go to our How To Sell or Trade page and follow the instructions for giving a complete detailed description and how to ship to us. 

We no longer take knives on consignment
We no longer take knives on consignment

Information for Consignors:

  •  The Consignment fee is 25% of the final selling price of the knife. Included in the 25% Consignment fee: credit card and PayPal processing fees (typically about 5% per transaction). We pay their fees out of our part, that way you receive a full 75% of the highest price we can get for your knife.

  •  We have references from others who we have sold knives for. Just ask and we will be glad to email you several.

  •  Consignment usually brings you more money but takes a longer time. Selling to us usually brings you less money but is much faster.

  •  There is a nonrefundable minimum $10.00 individual photo listing fee, payable up front for each knife consigned and added to the web site. As a comparison our fee at $10 is below the going rate of many knife photographers who charge $80 per knife. Group photographs are a minimum $20.00 for a group of the same type.

  •  We divide the types of knives into Folding Knives and Fixed Blades groups as follows:

  •  Your single knife must be worth a minimum of $150 or your group of knives must be worth a minimum of $300 to consign for the web site. Group example: you have 6 knives worth $50 each, that is fine as a group but if you wanted to list only two knives out of your group we would not list them.

  •  Each knife will have its own individual photo and description if added to the site. Or we can photograph a group of knives that are the same type or pattern in one photograph with individual descriptions for each knife in the group. This grouping will save you money on your listing fee. Group example: you have 6 stockman knives worth $50 each, that we can photograph as a group for only $20 with individual descriptions for each knife in the group.

  •  Group photos must all be the same type or pattern. You can have trappers, lockbacks, Muskrat, Clasp, Moose, Silver Fruit, Gunstock, Toothpicks, Tactical on a page. You cannot have trappers and fixed blades on the same page or group photo. This is because of the way the website is organized into folders or fixed blades and different knife patterns.

  •  Remember our sites receive over 1000 visitors every day and they are not looking for Barbie dolls or other non cutlery items. More details about our traffic.

  •  To ensure the knife has the best chance of selling, pricing will be in line with current market values.  We do not price your knife but we can tell you if we will sell it for you at the price you require. We need the requested info that is on our sell to us page here before sending us your knife.  Additionally, in order to facilitate the sale of your knife, we require that you plan on leaving the knife with us for at least 90 days after they are listed on the website.

  •  Call or email and make sure your knives are ones we think we can sell now.

  •  Include your name, telephone number and address in the box with the knives along with a list of all the knives your are sending us. Read our Packing Tips

  •  All knives need to be clean and in excellent or better condition.
    Read our Knife Grading System to see if your knife measures up.

  •  Your knives must be clean without grease, dirt or other things that make the knives not ready to sell. If we must clean your knives before going to a show or adding them on the site there will be a minimum cleaning fee of $7.00 per knife. Stickers and tags on the box are OK but not on the knife. Each knife must be clean and ready to sell.

  •  All buyers have a fourteen day inspection period.  Consequently, no payments will be made to the consignor until this inspection period has passed. We pay between 16 to 23 days after your knife sells. Do not ask for advanced payment.

Please send all knives to:

Cutlers Cove
P.O. Box 3171
San Angelo, Texas 76902-3171

Cutlers Cove does not spam.
If you have received a spam message with a cutlerscove.com return address it is forged.

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