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Cutlers Cove
Established 1991
Dealers in quality vintage, used,
old, antique, scarce and rare knives.

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We will make every effort to contact you quickly, but please give us at least 48 hours before you become frustrated. (We might be in the warehouse, or out on the road at a show!) Our web site, blog and voice mail are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Because it's fast and convenient we prefer communication by
e-mail, which we check and answer several times every business day. 

We want to make sure that you have a positive shopping experience on our site. Offering you quality vintage knives, and other merchandise in a timely manner is our goal. If there is anything we can do to serve you better, please contact us at the below address, phone or email.

We do not have a Product Catalog
or Retail Price List. The web site
is the Catalog and Price List.

We truly appreciate your business and
look forward to serving you.
Business Hours and USA Time Zone

Monday through Friday
10:00 am to 6:00 pm Central Standard Time
Or Texas Time (except holidays)
Closed Saturday and Sunday
We are in the Chicago and Dallas time zone.

GMT -06:00 Central
Time example for 10am here in Central time:
11am Eastern / 10am Central / 9am Mountain / 8am Pacific
For correct Daylight Saving time add one hour.

Central Standard Time Central Daylight Saving Time
We are on Central Standard Time (CST) starting on the first Sunday in November and ending on the second Sunday in March. The complete months of December, January and February are on Central Standard Time.


We are on Central Daylight Saving Time (CDT) starting on the second Sunday in March and up until the first Sunday in November. The complete months of April, May, June, July, August, September and October are on Central Daylight Saving Time.

Like to know more about Daylight Saving Time? Click here.

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World Time Zones for your time anywhere on the Earth.

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What do I have and what's it worth?
How old is my knife or sword?
Who made my knife or sword?

Click here for answers before calling.

USA: 325-617-2578 Voice
Business Hours We are in the Chicago and Dallas time zone.
We are normally in the office - see Business Hours above. We will get back to you as soon as possible if we miss your call. Click here for appraisal help. Appraisals are $35 each.

We do not repair knives or have knife parts.

Knife Repair or Restoration - Click here

Outside of business hours please leave a detailed message on the product you are interested in, your call-back number, the best time to call and our order number. By letting us know what you wanted we can let you know if we still have the item or other information.

In your voice mail message:
Tell us which knife or knives you want to buy because it is in your interest to do so. We generally only have the one you are looking at in the photo for sale and when it is gone we do not have and can not get any more.

Tell us what more information you need on one of our knives. Please do not leave a vague message saying that you are interested in a knife or other product but not which one.

We will email or call you, let us know which you prefer. If you are outside the USA (48 states) please use email.
See Business Hours above.

Click here for Knife Repair or Restoration Information

We do not have a Product Catalog
or Retail Price List. The web site
is the Catalog and Price List.

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Electronic Mail - Email

Click here to send us email. Please use this form to send us email. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Privacy Statement

We no longer publish an email address because of all the spam emails we receive. We were receiving over 200 spam (bad email we do not want) emails every day which was taking to much time to go through to get the important (good email we do want) email our customers sent us!

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Follow us on Twitter = http://twitter.com/CutlersCove

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is worth? Click here for answer.

Knives Wanted to Buy
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Postal Address

Cutlers Cove
P.O. Box 3171
San Angelo, Texas 76902-3171
United States of America

We do not have a Product Catalog or Retail Price List. The web site is the Catalog and Price List.

We do not repair knives or have knife parts.
Knife Repair or Restoration - Click here

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Web Site


How to report problems with our sites:
Information about where to e-mail us about problems with any page or Cutlers Cove site.

For non-working links on Cutlers Cove pages, e-mail the production department

For non-working links on ads, e-mail  the  ads department

For problems of a more technical nature, e-mail the
IT department

Please send us the exact URL for the page you were on when you selected the bad link and let us know what page you were trying to get to.

Site Map or Table of Contents
Use the Site Map like a Table of Contents.

How To Use And Navigate This Site

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CutlersCove.com Blog URL is CutlersCove.info

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Emails sent to CutlersCove.com regarding warranty and repair issues, will not be forwarded to the correct manufacturer, and will not be answered, sorry. Click here for warranty and repair issues for your knife, sword or cutlery. Cutlers Cove does not make repairs and we do not have parts to fix your knife.

We do not have a Product Catalog
or Retail Price List. The web site
is the Catalog and Price List.

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Before the dawn of civilization, fire and the knife were man's first steps toward a better life.

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