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Wanted clean cushioning and  packing materials used for shipping Recycle

Recycle your unwanted cushioning materials. Don’t throw it out and fill up our landfill.

We are looking for clean foam packing peanuts, Styrofoam packing peanuts, bubble wrap, bubble bags, shredded paper, foam wrap, closed cell polypropylene foam, packing material or newsprint, not newspaper, that can be used for cushioning in packaging for shipment.

Respecting the Earth's resources we use clean
recycled packaging materials when we can.

If you live in the San Angelo, Texas area and have clean cushioning materials used in packing boxes for shipping we will come and pick up your unwanted materials at no cost to you. We use the cushioning materials in packing boxes for shipping our merchandise.

If you work at any establishment that uses packing materials that are usually just tossed we will put them to good use. A lot of plastic padding/bubble wrap which is perfectly clean goes into the trash! Help us recycle clean unwanted or waste cushioning materials.

Call us and we will come to your business, office or home and pick up your cushioning materials so they are not wasted. We will pick up your cushioning materials at a time that is convenient for you; just give us a call to set up when you want us to pick up the material.* Let us know if we need to bring boxes or plastic bags to remove your clean cushioning materials when we come for the pick up.

We will haul off your clean cushioning materials for no charge.

We are doing this for two reasons, to help the environment and to reduce our shipping costs.

We are not sure this program will save on our shipping costs because of the cost to pay someone to go and pick up the material and the cost of gasoline. But we are going to try it and see if we can make a difference.

Thank you for your consideration and help.

To schedule a pick up in the San Angelo, Texas area or for more information contact:

Byron Rogers
Cutlers Cove
P.O. Box 3171
San Angelo, Texas 76902

325-617-2578 Phone

Send us a email here

Let us know the address where the cushioning materials are and a good time so we can pick up what you have.

"Going Green" seems to be the hot phrase these days. We think it’s a good thing. More and more companies are trying to be more environmentally friendly, or Green.

*There is a minimum amount or quantity requirement for the pick up of the cushioning materials. We can not use any newspaper but will take clean newsprint. Newsprint is what the paper is called before it has printing ink on it as a newspaper.

Example of what we mean by minimum: we can not come out to pick up a one pound coffee can full of packing peanuts but we would come out for two large paper grocery bags full. Call if you have questions.

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