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Price Reductions

Be sure to look at all the pages that make up the Just Reduced section.

Just Reduced is a way for us to move knives, and other items that we have had to long, or to make more room for new incoming stuff. When they are moved (sold) they are gone! So check back often and see what's Just Reduced!

Remember - first come first served! Quantities are limited.
Click on images for more information

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Case Congress four blades with bone handles, made 1984, that is mint. G64088SS   $250.00
Includes a free special wood wall plaque!
Save over $100 plus get the plaque free!

Cutco Paring, Vegetable Peeler, Turn n Server Spoon, Spatula Spreader, Table knife, Turning Fork, all mint and made in the USA. We only have one of each to sale.
$40.00 to $52.00
K000024 to K000030
$31.95 to $40.95
Only three left!

Gil Hibben design
from 1985

Browning Double-edged Damascus Hunter with cocobolo wood handle is mint in the box and came out in 1985. Overall length 7-3/4". Serial number 867/1000. Comes in a fine wood box.   $799.00 H000129  $687.95
Save over $111

Gerber Loveless, Kellam LappFolder lockbacks and G. David Laguiole, Utica folders.  $275.00
Only one left!

Shaw Leibowitz Trapper Knife Set, genuine sterling silver handled knives made around 1981 by Queen for Smoky Mountain Knife Works. Each knife is 57 of 250 and is 3-1/4" closed 2-blade trapper.
$349.00 to $449.00  
FJ-00514 to FJ-00515
  $294.95 to $384.95

Old sword. Overall length 32". The information on the blade appears to be German in origin.  $2000.00   X-00014
Save $242

Camco serpentine two blade pen knife.
$12.00  P-000042
$5.50   Only one left!

Pen or Lobster knife B&B all stainless steel metal knife except for the measuring tape that comes out one end. $69.00  P-000060  $23.95  Only one left!

Pen knives by Colonial, LF&C, Imperial, Victorinox, Swank, Aitor, Craftsman, Lark. All very good using knives. Many made in the USA.  $7.00 to $29.00 
P-000067 to P-000076
$3.95 to $7.95
Only three left!

Multi-Blade Scout utility knives Pal Blade, Pal Cutlery. All carbon steel. $29.00  FM-00070
$6.50  Only one left!
Save over 77%

Utility knives in excellent or better condition by Case and Camillus WWII Army issue. All carbon steel and made in USA.   $24.00 to $99.00 
FM-00078 to FM-00081

$15.95 to $70.95
Only two left!

David Zephaniah Murphy serving fork. Made in the USA sometime between 1939 to 1954. Made by the original maker of Gerber knives.  $99.00  K000019 $55.95
Only one left!
Save over $43

Our Just Reduced section always has the original price that the item started at and the Just Reduced price in red. When a knife or any item gets listed in our Just Reduced section we are going to drop the price regularly till the item sales. Just as it says near the top of the page Just Reduced is our way to move knives and other items. Be sure to check this section often.

Just Reduced
Page 1 of 6
Page 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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