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Price Reductions

Just Reduced is a way for us to move knives, and other items that we have had to long, or to make more room for new incoming stuff. When they are moved (sold) they are gone! So check back often and see what's Just Reduced!

There are several pages of Just Reduced!
Remember - first come first served! Quantities are limited.

Click on images for more information

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Receive a free Cutler's Cove bookmark with each book or magazine!
This applies only to books and magazines we have in stock and we ship to you.

Raptor Custom Design Autographed Edition by Gil Hibben poster showing the knife that came out in 1994. It is 18" X 24" in near mint condition and rolled ready to ship.  BK-00056  39.00  $26.95

Knives 1997 by Ken Warner (Editor) 17th Edition.  BK-00019

Knives 1987 by Ken Warner (Editor) 7th Edition. BK-00035


Gun Digest Book of Knives 1st edition.  BK-00048

  The Practical Book of KnivesPractical Book of Knives By Ken Warner 1976 Out-of-print.  BK-00011  12.00  $9.89

Knives 1989 by Ken Warner (Editor) 9th Edition BK-00017  $23.95  $14.95


Knives 1991 by Ken Warner (Editor) 1990 DBI Books SC 10th Edition. 
BK-00026  $17.00 

Knives Annual 1994 Book

Knives 1994 14th Edition by Ken Warner (Editor)
BK-00007  16.00 

The American Frontier - Pioneers, Settlers and Cowboys 1800- 1899 by William C. Davis is in very good condition with dust jacket. This is a first edition and maybe a first printing hardback.  BK-00050

History of the Sierra Club

The History of the Sierra Club 1892-1970 by Michale Cohen $12.95

Federal Cartridge Monark shotshell that is near mint in 20 gauge. The shell is red roll-crimp paper. Antique ammunition. Old Ammo. From Circa 1927 over 85 years ago.  $2.50 each 
Special 3 for $5.00
Super Special 10 for $15.00!
Buy the shells get the box free!

Be sure to look at all the pages after this one for all the current Just Reduced for sale.

Our Just Reduced section always has the original price that the item started at and the Just Reduced price in red. When a knife or any item gets listed in our Just Reduced section we are going to drop the price regularly till the item sales. Just as it says near the top of the page Just Reduced is our way to move knives and other items. Be sure to check this section often.

Just Reduced
Page 4 of 6
Page 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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