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Cutlers Cove PayPal
How to pay us with PayPal

Pay with your credit card or checking account using PayPal.
 Credit cards and electronic checks are accepted thru the Paypal system.

Cutlers Cove is a PayPal Verified Seller

Please follow the two rules below, otherwise we will not be able to process your order. 

Rule 1:  You must place an order by emailing or phoning us. If you email, send it to orders. Annotate or write in the comments area that you are using PayPal for payment. Please let us know by e-mail which item or items you are interested in and the address to which you want them shipped including Zip Code. We will send from PayPal a invoice for you to pay. The invoice is secure and has instructions for how to pay.
--- Again we need your Zip Code in the email you send us! ---

Give us your Zip Code so we can
quote you the shipping and total cost

There is no cost to let you know the total including shipping and insurance. You need to send us your shipping address which should include your city, state and Zip Code. We will email you the cost as fast as possible. After you know the total for your order then go to Rule 2 below. International Orders

Rule 2:  Send us your money. Once we have a confirmed deposit* from PayPal, we will process and ship your order. If you gave us your email address we will send a notice that your order is on it's way. Texas Sales Tax is (8.25%) add Sales Tax only if we ship to Texas.

Note: Make sure that you can receive email via your email address used for PayPal and don't prohibit the delivery of our PayPal invoice by spam blockers.

To send money for one or more of our items Click here.

You can use our PayPal Gift Certificates to pay also.

We require that you have a confirmed mailing address with PayPal. If we receive payment from an unconfirmed address when using paypal, your payment will be refunded. If we have a question on your order we will contact you by the information that you give us. We cannot be responsible for any "initiative" someone shows assuming that they know their order amount without the approved confirmation. If it isn't enough, we are not shipping!

There is a $10.00 minimum order requirement.

Most orders shipped the same day as you order!
Click here for information on how to order or pay if you do not want to use PayPal.

We will ship outside the USA, but we will not take credit card payment on international orders. Buyer is responsible for all tariffs and duties and must pay international shipping charges. Click here for international orders.

International Orders
If you have a non-U.S.A. PayPal account we will take your payment if you quality for their
Seller Protection Policy. If the transaction does not qualify for the Seller Protection Policy from PayPal we will not ship to you or accept the order. At this time PayPal only has Seller Protection Policy for the USA, Canada and United Kingdom.

If a transaction is eligible for coverage under the Seller Protection Policy, a seller (CutlersCove.com) must ship to the address found on the Transaction Details page (regardless of whether that address is confirmed or not).

Seller Protection Policy

PayPal helps to protect our sellers against chargebacks due to fraud. PayPal's Seller Protection Policy gives you the opportunity to protect yourself from liability when you follow the guidelines below to reduce your risk of dealing with a fraudulent buyer.

Note: See the full policy for information on which countries qualify for Seller Protection.

When a transaction is Seller Protection Policy eligible, you must follow these guidelines to be covered against fraudulent chargebacks:

  1. Have a Verified Business or Premier account
  2. Ship to the address on the Transaction Details page
  3. Provide timely shipment
  4. Retain reasonable proof of shipping that can be tracked
  5. Ship tangible goods
  6. Only accept complete payments from single PayPal accounts
  7. Agree not to surcharge the buyer
  8. Respond in a timely manner to all PayPal inquiries

Learn More about PayPal's Seller Protection Policy.

If you have a non-U.S.A. PayPal account we will take your payment but may hold your product for two weeks or more before we ship to you. This timeframe is referring to completion of entire transfer process and not the date the funds will be withdrawn from your bank or credit card.

As stated above, under the International Orders, we may hold the knife or product for the funds to clear before shipping but we will ship or return your funds guaranteed.

*Note: merchandise will not be shipped until payment is verified and PayPal does not guarantee the funds if you are outside the USA except for Canada and United Kingdom.

Buy our knives with low monthly payments

Apply for PayPal Buyer Credit --- PayPal Buyer Credit is a personal line of credit exclusively for PayPal members. It lets you make low monthly payments on PayPal purchases, so you can shop now and pay later. PayPal Buyer Credit is an additional way to fund your purchases through your PayPal account.

PayPal Buyer Credit lets you shop now and pay later:

  •  Make anything more affordable with low monthly payments
  •  Take advantage of promotional financing offers on select items

PayPal accepts payment for:
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Check

We take credit for great knives!™


Click here to verify
Official PayPal Seal
CutlersCove.com is PayPal Verified

If you have a question or suggestion email us using our form here. If we receive an email addressed to our PayPal email address we will not open it unless it is from the official PayPal site. The PayPal email is for payment from PayPal only!

Cutler's Cove reserves the right to stop offering the PayPal service.


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