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What do I have and what's it worth? Read this page to find help, keep scrolling down this page for info.

Questions or evaluations about a vintage or antique knife, sword or related book?

How old is my knife or sword?

Knife Repair?

We cannot answer questions about your knives, swords and cutlery unless you purchased them from us. If you did buy the item from us we will be glad to share with you what we know about it. Send us a copy of the invoice and we will answer your question if we can. If you send us a question on a knife, sword or related item that you did not purchase from us we cannot respond to your question. 

We've developed some excellent resources which may help you find the answers you're looking for.

Look over our valuable resource KnifeWebGuide.com (KWG) for answers to your questions. You may find what you are looking for in its many pages of articles, links and recommended reading on knives. You may also print out a free version of the article Knife Collecting: A Beginning

Search the Knife Web Guide
KWG search engine

Use the KWG search engine (located near the top of all pages inside the KWG) to search what is listed only in the KWG. We are always improving and adding more information and links to the Knife Web Guide™.

Cutlers Cove is the owner and producer of KnifeWebGuide.com (KWG) which has over 2,400 listings to knife, sword and cutlery resources. We give back to the industry that has given so much to us by sponsoring the KWG so everyone can use it for their personal use for free. We pay for the development, hosting and over 1,300 personnel hours to produce the KWG. Please let us know what you think will improve the Knife Web Guide and make it better for all knife, sword and cutlery aficionados. 

You can find appraisers in the KWG here: Appraisals

Knife Web Guide Site Map

Help and FAQ about the Knife Web Guide

What's new on the Knife Web Guide?

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Then another source for information is the knife forums.

A good article on how to research what you have: What do I have and what's it worth?  Basic search concepts.

Next try your local library, museum, or university and see if they can help. If your city has a knife collecting group or club seek help there.

Unfortunately no one book gives
prices or values for all knives.

A very helpful article on Knife Repair.

A very helpful article on Knife Care and Maintenance.

Where can I purchase accessories for my factory made knife?

A Knife Value Question: Why does a knife that I purchased, say 10 years ago, cost so much more now than when I purchased it?

What does new, used, vintage, old and antique knives mean? 

The system we use for knife grading and describing a knife’s condition is on our Knife Grading System Page.

You can find a large list of knife related books by going here.

Many domestic knives can be dated by a U.S.A. patent number which happens to be stamped on the blade. This number is the year the patent was granted and not the year the knife was made, but it does help give an approximate date range.
Click here for the patent numbers and years.

Read more about how to determine the date of a Case knife
By learning the simple Case dating system, you can easily determine the year a Case knife was manufactured.

Want to sell us your knife? Click here.

Need an address for a manufacturer Click here: Knife, Sword and Cutlery Manufacturers Alphabetical List

Recommended Reading On Knives

Knife Collecting Information

Our master list of past Blade knife magazines for sale. Looking for a back issue or year?
Blade knife magazine back issues.

Advice based on experience:
Pricing is always in relation to other factors. Price is tied to value. Price thresholds vary person to person and are related to different values. Most seasoned collectors agree that paying a little more for that nicer item may hurt the pocketbook at the time but years down the road you will be happy you did.

We hope these resources help you succeed in finding the information you are looking for. Let us know your results. Thanks!

Your friends at CutlersCove.com and KnifeWebGuide.com

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 Before the dawn of civilization, fire and the knife were man's first steps toward a better life.

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