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Web Site Review Group Acknowledgment, Credits, and Recognition
Page 1

This special recognition page lists all the people that helped with Web Site Review Group. This group of people have made the site a better place for all knife collectors and users. This special page shows their contributions and acknowledges what they have done. Those that did not want their name up in lights on the web have their input listed but not their name.

Thank you all for your contributions. This page is an expression of appreciation for all your input and time in helping on this web site. 

Byron Rogers

I met Vicki Hardin sometime in 1980 at an art opening in San Angelo. She took several of my photography classes back then. We have been friends ever since, and we both like photography and art in general. She lets me know when I misspell words and other mistakes. Vicki Hardin was our senior photographer for over two years. She has helped in more ways than I can list to make our site a great resource for all knife enthusiasts. She has done a great job and we thank her for the extra effort.

Vicki has a great site which displays her work in Clay.  Her site also has many links to other art related sites in the new Clay Art Web Guide. You can find her site and email here: VickiHardin.

Guy Teague
Guy Teague and I rode motorcycles together back in 1970. We have been friends ever since. We both have many interests the same including photography and web site design. Guy has given very valuable feedback many times. Including help on our Search page. There are many quotes from Guy's site on our Tidbits feature that are just great. Guy’s site is here: http://www.gtweb.org/

My first important job was given to me back when I was 16, by John Carroll. I went to work for him in the original Keaton Kolor in Abilene, Texas cleaning and sweeping the floor and learning about photography. He has been a mentor ever since. (I later became the Manager of the San Angelo store, so I learned well.) He is a very intelligent man with very sound advice. He has looked over information I am about to publish on the site many times and offered suggestions and found mistakes before they go up. He is a great sounding board, editor, and full of good ideas.

He and his wife Paula are the owners of Keaton Kolor of San Angelo. John’s site is here: http://KeatonKolor.net

Jon Summerlin 1947-2010
I moved to San Angelo, Texas in the summer of 1976, as a relocation for Keaton Kolor (Camera Store). Sometime during that summer Mr. Jon Summerlin and I met and became friends as a result of my new job as Manger of Keaton Kolor in San Angelo. We where friends until his death. Jon helped the web site by photographing and in many other ways and we thank him for the extra effort.

He was a good knife sharpener and a good friend and will be missed.

Bonnie Walden helped on the site by finishing the knife information, magazines,  manufacturers, organizations, knife grading information, and other knife resources that became part of the Knife Web Guide. She has helped on several other projects , including adding several email addresses to the above Links Page  


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 Before the dawn of civilization, fire and the knife were man's first steps toward a better life.

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