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Federal Cartridge Monark shotshell that is near mint in 20 gauge. The shell is red roll-crimp paper. Antique ammunition. Old Ammo. Circa 1927.  $2.50 ea.  NS-00226  
Special 3 for $5.00! --- Save $2.50
Super Special 10 for $15.00!
--- Save $10.00

Wanda Cartridge shot shell that is near mint 20 gauge. The shell is transparent green in color. Made 1968 to 1971. 
$3.00 ea.  NS-00189  
Special 3 for $6.00  Save $3.00

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Just Reduced --- is a way for us to move knives, and other items that we have had to long, or to make more room for new incoming stuff. When they are moved they are gone! So check back often and see what's Just Reduced! There are several pages of Just Reduced be sure to check them all.

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Knife Sword and Cutlery Downloads - Free
New free downloads including videos, podcats, knife laws, backgrounds, articles, knife safety, sharpening, maintenance, pdf files and much more for you to download. A new page of great stuff to watch, listen, read and download all about knives, swords and cutlery for free.

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Free Knife Backgrounds.
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exclusive backgrounds or wallpaper for your Windows or Mac desktop.
A new one for you every month. Many to choose from!

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Free information on knife collecting.
Knife Collecting: A Beginning
Includes recommended reading list!

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Free information on knife care and maintenance.
recommendations for pocket, hunting and kitchen knives!

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Knife Web Guide ---  Network features over 2,400 knife, sword and cutlery web site listings, along with extensive how-to articles, book suggestions and galleries, make this an indispensable resource for anyone interested in knives and the cutting edge. Add to your bookmark or favorites the Knife Web Guide.


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