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Our products on this site are searchable by:

  •  Manufacturer (Brand Name)
  •  Product Name
  •  Order Number (#)                 
  •  Knife Pattern Type
  •  Product Category
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The best way to run a search is use one of the above search types.

Example: If you what to see all the Kershaw knives that we have, type in Kershaw in the Search box above. This type of search is a Brand Name Search.

More Search Examples:

  •  Product Name: Gerber LST or Case Side Winder 
  •  Order Number: FJ-00100 or P-00110
  •  Knife Pattern Type: Stockman or Congress
  •  Product Category: Jack Knives or Pen Knives

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Search Tips: Query Language

Use the "find on this page" option of your browser to locate the exact reference of your search on each page after you go to the page the above search found for you.

The text search engine allows queries to be formed from arbitrary Boolean expressions containing the keywords AND, OR, and NOT, and grouped with parentheses. For example:

information retrieval
finds documents containing 'information' or 'retrieval'

information or retrieval
same as above

information and retrieval
finds documents containing both 'information' and 'retrieval'

information not retrieval
finds documents containing 'information' but not 'retrieval'

(information not retrieval) and WAIS
finds documents containing 'WAIS', plus 'information' but not 'retrieval'

finds documents containing words starting with 'web'

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Define your search using Boolean operators

The major search engines let you select whether to search for the exact phrase you typed, all the words in the phrase but not necessarily together, any of the words in a phrase, and so on. A few search engines do not give you such options. In this case, you can define the search yourself by adding one or more words or symbols to your search topic.

  •  AND. To search for two or more terms on the same page: Type the word AND between the terms (example: sea AND kayak). Or put a plus sign right before the second term (example: sea +kayak).
  •  OR. To search for either of two (or more) terms on the same page: Type the word OR between the terms (example: kayak OR canoe).
  •  AND NOT. To search for pages that include the first term and not the second: Type the words AND NOT between the terms (example: kayak AND NOT whitewater). Or put a minus sign right before the second term (example: kayak -whitewater).
  •  "". To search for an exact phrase: Enclose the phrase in quotation marks (example: "sea kayak rental").
  •  ( ). To group parts of your search: Enclose them in parentheses. For example, type kayak AND (gear OR equipment). This returns pages with both the words kayak and gear or both the words kayak and equipment.
  •  *. To search for various forms of a word: Add an asterisk to the end of the word (example: kayak*). This returns pages with the words kayak, kayaks, kayaked, kayaking, and so on.

The above how to search is from MSN.


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