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We are no longer buying knives
We are no longer buying knives

Do you buy or trade knives? 
we do not!

Do you make appraisal
No we do not click here.

We are always looking for clean quality factory made and some custom knives to purchase. We pay fair, competitive buy prices.  Usually, we can buy everything you have to offer, saving you the time and energy required selling it piece-by-piece. When your knife arrives, we will unpack and inspect it. Then, we will send your check within 48 hours in accordance with our agreement. We also trade knives if we need what you have. Just follow all the directions below.

We are interested in your knives and are always buying if your offer is reasonable and you have quality items.
If you ask us if we are interested in what you have for sale without a asking price we will not respond. Save time and send us your offer with a asking price.

We are always interested in what you have for sell but generally we are only interested in quality vintage knives. We do not buy knives with broken blades or with handle parts missing.

Make us an offer with a purchase price for all the knives you have for sell. We will say yes or no to your offer. Its that simple!

We pay fast by money order!

We pay fair market wholesale values.

To sell/trade your clean, quality knives in exchange for fast cash, here’s all you do:

Gather all of the knives (items) you wish to sell in front of you and then make a list of your knives with a complete detailed description of each ones brand, handles, size and condition. Does it come with a sheath, box, papers, etc? 

Describe the condition of each knife or item. If you need help grading your knives go to our Knife Grading and Condition Page for help. Select the condition that most closely matches that of the item you are offering for sale. This better enables our purchasers to say yes or no to your offer.

Determine you’re asking price. Our buyers deal in the wholesale market. An asking price enables them to determine if selling to us is your best option. Because of the volume of requests to purchase knives we can not respond to any that do not have a asking price. Make sure to tell us what you want for your knives!** 

We are no longer buying knives
We are no longer buying knives

You can email or mail us your list. See below:

Please Click here to Email Us the info below.
If you have a list of knives for sale and they all have an asking price you can put them into the form on this page.

Be sure to list:

  • The more information you give us the faster we can make a buy decision.

  • * Total quantity

  • - How many knives you have for sell.
    Examples - I have 14 knives for sale. - I have 7 knives for sale. - I have 3 knives for sale. - I have 300 knives for sale.
  • * Brand name or Manufacturer

  • * Model or Pattern Number

  • * Description including handle material, size, sheath, box, etc.

  • * Condition

  • * Asking Price

  • * Also give your Name, Address, City, State and Email  address so that we can pay you.

  • * Please give us the total quantity of the knives and the total price for all your knives that you have for sell.

  • We do not normally need photos and if we do we will let you know. Do not send photos until we ask for them. This will save you time and work.

  • We do need all 8 items* above for each knife in order to make a buy decision. Without all eight items we will not respond to your offer.

Please be specific with your offer to sell to us.

We will email you an answer on your offer. For all e-mail requests, please allow three (3) business days for a Cutler's Cove representative to contact you regarding your knives and your asking price. We do not make buy decisions over the phone but if you want to offer your knives to us by phone we will listen and then tell you how to email or mail us the required info.

For packing procedures, please see our Packing Tips.

Pack your knives carefully and ship to:
Cutlers Cove
P. O. Box 3171
San Angelo, TX 76902-3171


Cutler's Cove will unpack and inspect your knives.

Your check will be sent fast per our agreement within 48 hours.
We pay for all knives fast!

Does Cutler’s Cove accept knives for consignment?

Does Cutler’s Cove offer appraisal services for your knife or knife collection?

Knives Wanted List

*  We do need all 8 items above in order to make a buy decision. Without all eight items we will not respond to your offer.

** We have gone to this requirement because of the increase in people wanting to sell their knives. The increase is so great that we can not process all of the offers in our normal 3-day time period.

If you ask us if we are interested in what you have for sale without a asking price we will not respond. Save time and send us your offer with a asking price.

Thank you for understanding and for offering your knives to us to purchase. We pay for all knives fast and have done so since 1991!

In the real-estate business it said the most important thing is location, location, location. In the knife business the most important thing is condition, condition, condition.
Knife Grading and Condition Page

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Packing Tips

  • If possible, pack the knives or items in the original packaging. If the original packaging is not available, then wrap each individual item in bubble wrap. Newspaper may be used if bubble wrap is not available. Be sure to wrap each item completely and secure with tape. The tape should never come in contact with the surface of the the knife as it may remove the finish.
  • Choose an appropriate size box for the items to be shipped. Too small may not allow room for ample padding. Too large may allow for items to bounce around. If you are reusing a box, remove any old labels to prevent shipping mix-ups.
  • Pad the box with a material such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, crumbled or shredded paper while keeping the items in the center of the box. Items should not come in contact with the box. Make sure enough packing material has been used allowing for no give at the top.
  • Keep a list of the items shipped and their serial numbers.
  • Enclose inside the box:

      If Selling/Trading Knives: Enclose a Quote Sheet (if available) OR a slip of paper including your name, address, phone number, statement of ownership and drivers license number if available.

      If  Returning An Order: Enclose a copy of the invoice.

  • Label multiple boxes - 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3 etc.
  • We recommend shipping your knives via USPS so that it may be tracked and insured.


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