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The Boker/Gerber (Applegate-Fairbairn Special Commemorative Set) just arrived. What a fine collection for the price and good reading, too!

Thanks very much,

David H. in Maryland

Because you are purchasing more than 9 packs I will give you an empty master carton box like here at no additional charge to say thanks. 


I have received the new set of blades that you sent.

Thanks kindly and all the best to you.

Ken K. in Canada

I was in the market for some antique 16-gauge shot shells because of their shorter length. I contacted Byron and he was very informative regarding the history, purpose, and how people collect these shells today. I shot some of the Remington's because I had several of those, and it brought me back to the early 20th century. No complaints here - thanks for the awesome shells. I'll certainly be a repeat customer if I decide to shoot all the ones I have. Again, thanks!!  Joseph in South Carolina

The owner of CutlersCove.com has a large shotshell collection and is selling off the extra shells he has gathered over the years while they last. Also there is a helpful resource on collecting shotshells.

Wow, I must be way behind the times! I did call PayPal as you suggested. You were correct about the account not being fully set up without a final email certification. That being said and done, I was able to make the payment with the AmEx card. I am excited and look forward to receiving the knife. I will recommend you to my friends and anticipate to doing business with you in the future. Your customer service has made the difference!

Jeff in Beavercreek, Ohio

Thanks so much for the fine sheath and super fast delivery. You are correct that this is for a Tak Fukuta designed American Blade skinner knife. I got one of the knives about 2 years ago and knew one day I would find a sheath to go with it. Almost all of these that were made had buffalo horn handles. The knife I have has smooth bone handles. According to an old American Blade magazine I have only 600 were made with smoothbone. I'm set up and ready to go

Thanks much, William U. in Alvin, Texas

I just wanted to add my testimonial. I am VERY happy with my experience with Cutlers Cove. I highly recommend them if you're in the market for hard to find blades. I was searching for the Gerber Parabellum everywhere, I had found some on Ebay, but the ones on there were lacking the sheath - one of the coolest features of this knife or were on poor condition. While this one had some surface rust on the blade, after polishing it - it's like having bought the knife in new condition! I am very happy and feel that a VERY fair price was offered and will recommend this site without hesitation!

Andrew K. in Pennsylvania

Received the Pacific Cutlery/Kuzon Oda "Tanto" last week. It is just as you described, pristine.

Delighted to do business with you and will so again.

Best, Greg Walker in Oregon

Hmmm? I guess the second page of the fax got lost in cyberspace somewhere. In that case, I'm glad that I had contacted you beforehand and you knew what I was ordering. And yes, I like the knives. The Case is really nice and the Pine Ridge is quite a bit more substantial than I thought it would be. I was a little disappointed to see that the Gerber had been ground on a machine but I plan on actually using that one so it's not that big of a deal. All in all, I'm satisfied and I'll continue to visit the web site to see what else you'll have in the future.

T. Hart in Kentucky


Just letting you know that I received the Coogler knife today; thank you!

Regards, Richard S. California

Hi Byron - So you see I snuck back on and ordered the rest of that set that I wanted to keep together...;-) and a few others too. Just captured the 'thanks Bill in New York' pages so I can file them with the knives. Happened to do that with my first order and like the idea of having the record. Just visited the knife web guide* site. Never paid it any mind before, but after ordering I read your 'how I got started' story and decided to check out knife web guide*. Looks like I'll be spending mucho time there. I'm often on Bladeforum on the Becker and Buck threads and have penned a few comments. Your site looks like a great resource, all in one place. Thanks for putting that together. Ciao, bill h (aka soggy) ---- it's a scuba diving thing for 40+ years........take care.
Bill H. in New York    *KnifeWebGuide.com

Hi, I received the Linder Solingen boot dagger today as promised. It is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the fast shipping and getting it out to me right away. Consider me satisfied. 
Best regards, Frank in Pennsylvania

Got my order in record time...thanks for the expedited help by telephone. Best, D. Rowland in Kentucky

I got your small parcel undamaged on Thursday, 20th of March; all is okay! Now I'm happy to own a new Trim Trio (after my old one had broken). Thank you for your friendly help and have a nice time!
Stefan in Germany

The two knives I bought are fantastic! Thank You, A. Hughes in Indiana


Received the money order today. Thanks for the great packing tips & thanks for the additional $5. It's been a positive experience doing business with you. Best regards, Exur

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. We are so grateful to you for your customer service. Thanks for the tips. Obviously I am not a knife collector. My father will know not to touch it. Cheers and happy holidays, Stacy in Kennebunkport, Maine

I wish to extend a warm thank you for the service I recently received from Cutlers Cove. The Parker Tom Seaver knife was offered at a very fair price and I am glad to add it to my collection. I intended on selling the free poster that came with the knife but was so impressed when I opened it that I immediately knew it was going to be added to my collection. I had also ordered more than a dozen knife boxes I could not find anywhere else. All of them were in better condition than I expected and provided a home for some lonely knives. After ordering all of this in the afternoon I was very surprised to see it at my door the very next day. At a time when we are all so busy with the daily rough and tumble it is very pleasing and impressive to see such good service. You are a great asset to the knife collectors community.

Thank you I'll return soon,  William U. in Alvin, Texas

Got the knife yesterday; it's a keeper, thanks!

Regards,  Richard S. in Berkeley, California

Hi,  Just a note to let you know the Case Hobo was just delivered in perfect shape. It's exactly as you described and I'm 100% satisfied. Thank you very much! (This replaces an identical model that I somehow managed to lose a year ago while on an archaeological expedition in Tibet... I can only hope that some wandering nomad found the original and is now happily enjoying it! I promise to take better care of this one!)  Best wishes,  John in Tucson, Arizona

I just wanted to let you know that the Linder Daggers arrived today. VERY NICE ! ! ! Thanks for the fast shipping.  K. Liley

Thanks, the order was delivered yesterday to my brother's house. Now the hard part, getting him to part with it.

I will keep your firm book marked in my browser. My sister's significant other collects some knives and I need a source for a gift.

Thanks again, Kevin





I am very pleased with the 3 items recd. and with the prompt service that caused them to be delivered to me in time to send off #fj-392 to a distant grandson's birthday party. The 'star' work horse gunstock has become a personal keeper --- a timeless piece of Americana imho! No acknowledgement of this email expected. I'll bet they still remember the Alamo in San Angelo! Best wishes,   J. Gilbert

Got the knife today. It was in even better condition than I expected. Pleasure doing business with you!  Thx, Rock

It's my first visit to your website. After just a quick browse, I'm really impressed!  Susanna

Please add me to your wanted list .. I tried the link to the dealers on your site & did a search for the H B and found no matches .. looks like I may never find one .. thank you for your time .. have a good one ..  Haz

Well since you asked, I am fairly new to the 'net'thing as far as knives go. Your site seems to be so, so on price, but there needs to be more product and at competitive prices. I could not tell you how, but I know what I like and to be fair I do understand that your in business to make a profit. thank you for the feed back opportunity. S. Baum

No need to apologize. I knew from the outset the uncertainty of an unseen appraisal. You have been pleasant and professional throughout our dealing, so I have no doubt that your offer is a fair one. I accept the $295. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your company.

Thanks,  Jim

I have to say you have a bunch of cool information on your site. I will mention it to all of my friends. --- K. Cooper

Thank you, sir for your quick response. I appreciate your honesty and integrity. Your company will remain on my computers "favorites" list. I will recommend you to anyone.

Thank you for your time, and I'm sure we will do business in the future.

Best wishes, Chuck Lavalle

Just wanted to say thanks for the extremely prompt service. I placed an order on the afternoon of 9-1-05 for the remaining two Parker Husky's that you had in stock and the order arrived early today 9-3-05. Nice little knives, too! Ted Hart in Louisville, Kentucky

Received my Parker Husky Thursday (which was ordered only 2 days before), and I am impressed by the beauty and quality. I have not seen bone handles like that before.

Thanks for the fast and friendly service, and I look forward to future business with you! Sincerely, Bill Walbek in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

I received the Pat Crawford knife today. What a beauty! Your description was 100% accurate and your service was super fast. That's a hard combination to beat. Thanks Wallace in New Mexico

I think your website is excellent! I have not seen a similar one on the internet yet that has all of the older knives that I think are the best made. Thanks!  Sam in Texas

It may interest you to know that Condor Sport Knives began in Weatherford, Texas, when I took a wooden model and drawings to a local knifemaker who produced the first prototype Model 80 fixed blade knife. That knife went to Japan and was used to help the Seki City knifemakers to tool up and understand what I was driving for when drawings of the rest of the line were sent to them.

I left Condor and the old Hoffman Design back in 87 when the company was in deep financial trouble, as the Japanese Yen accelerated against the U.S. dollar, we fell behind and were unable to meet orders. Eventually Blackjack took over. The 77G was produced under Blackjack but completes my personal collection. What goes around comes around. The first Condor came from Texas, and now the last one, for me, also comes from Texas. I've been to San Angelo, years ago, when I was doing some advertising for a local company that was manufacturing gunracks for trucks, cars and ATVs.

I am now in Honolulu, and designing two new lines of upscale knives in partnership with my former Japanese makers of Condor and Lakota (both of which I started).

The new knives, Condor II, and Hoffman Designs Art Knives should be hitting their markets within a year. Condor II will be similar to the old Condor knives, but new blades and slightly different handles. They will retail from $160 to $400. HD Knives will be sold through fine jewelry stores as limited editions, retailing from $900 to $6000 each.

My first line, Lakota, was accepted into the Permanent Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in N.Y., and we're hoping the new HD Art Knives will have a strong impact.

Glad to meet you, even by email. I received the Condor knife today and am pleased. Phil Hoffman in Honolulu, Hawaii

Received the knife today-thank you!

It is gorgeous-just as described, if not better. I am a big fan of Jody Samson-ground balisong knives, and am interested in finding any more out there.

Thanks again for the great service.   Chris in Boston, Massachusetts

I received the knife today - Mint condition as stated. The quality is superb. Browning, or anyone else does not make them like this anymore. You would have to buy a knife from a custom maker to equal the fit, the choice materials, and the workmanship of this knife and it would cost 3X as much. I only wish the original box and sheath came with it, but I assume this knife was made in the 70's or 80's and these thing just get lost, I suppose. Anyway, the knife is great, thank you. Bernard in Illinois

Received the Remington Bullet knife and the Case stag clasp. Very happy with both knives. Thanks a lot. Will be buying in the future. Thanks Wayne Wood in New Hampshire

Thanks for the prompt reply. By the way you have the best most informative knife site of all the ones I visited.   Bob Tolces

Got it. I'm liking it, Gerber Custom Series C300B. Thank you for your faithful transaction. Best Regards, Nakajima in Japan

Hi, Al Mar Warrior's came in, very nice, Thanks Court in South Carolina

We were out of town all week. Just wanted you to know that the Gerber S59 knife arrived and it is just as we expected. Looks great in the case. Thank you for shipping so quickly.  Karen in Florida

The Al Mar Falcon arrived in good order. Great knife, great service. Thanks; look forward to making Cutler's Cove my number one resource for high-quality collectibles.  John in Connecticut

Hello just wanted to let you know that I have received the knife I ordered, wanted to tell you how satisfied I was... I have bought several things including knives from eBay and it usually take at least a week or longer just to get what I ordered, your shipping was very fast, less than two days and the knife I got from you was just as nice that I hoped it would be... just wanted to let you know I will be ordering more knives from Cutlers Cove... FROM A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER .......... THANKS................... Johnny in Tennessee

Hello, just thought I'd say howdy. I was born and raised in San Angelo and moved to Iowa in 1994. I do a lot of buying and selling of knifes on eBay and at estate auctions. Had a couple of Waterville's that I should have kept but I really like seeing them sell for a profit. Always trying to learn about knives and you sight is now one of my favorites.

Thanks and good hunting. My first cousin Clifford had a sporting goods store on the west end of the bypass don't know if he's still there or not. John W. in Iowa

As for the website, it is very well laid out and informative, I have used it more than once. Take care, Glenn L.

THANK YOU !!! I recently inherited a knife, and as it was "lost in a box", since 1968, there was no history on it. I found your site, through a Search, and THERE IT WAS !!!! Everything that I was asking about it !!! (BTW, it is the Sportsman's 7 in 1 knife with sheath). Thank you for having that info available, as the other family members will also be pleased that info was found.

Hi:  Just a note to let you know how very pleased I am with the Marbles hatchet. Elam in Michigan

My knife arrived very quickly on the 18th. I've wanted, and searched for an Al Mar Warrior since the early 90's when I first saw one. I'm absolutely amazed you had three of them. Having never seen one in person, I was more than pleased when it arrived.
Thanks again, Russ in California

We've met at several Dallas Market Hall shows. Your stock is ALWAYS impressive!

I've been building a Special Operations collection and have viewed your Hackman many times. So much so that I contacted the manufacturer to find out some history. Here it is: (Naturally you have to read it in a reverse order. I thought you might like the reference to Cutler's Cove!)

Gerald Anderson


I meant to send this last week...The Puma White Hunter came just as you promised and my husband is thrilled.....He was emphatic about preferring one with a "provenance" even if unknown over a new one.....so much more character.....

Thanks again...and, I'll keep your site on file for future things...

Leslie in North Carolina

The Texas Bowie safely arrived last Wednesday. I haven't had a chance to see it yet, but my friend says it is a beauty.

Thanks a lot ! Best regards Rolf in Spain

The Smatchet arrived today. Wow!, what a knife. Thank you so much for all your help and unbelievable customer service over Memorial Day weekend. You are a pro.   Best Regards,   Don in California

I received the Finnish puukko today. It's very nice! I'm very happy with it. Thanks very much. I look forward to placing more orders in the future.

Sincerely, Mike in Utah.

As I was looking my knives over today I decided to look for my Western stag Texas sesquicentennial bowie from 1986 and sure enough I found your site that had one, but sold. I have never seen another until today. Thank-you for at least having a picture of it. Now I have to find my other knife from when Coleman and Western merged, both in the boxes untouched. I feel good !!!

Thank-you   Gary L.

Today early in the morning I've received Sony (short wave) radio. Thank you very much! I'm so happy! God bless you!  Andrey in New York

I have taken very good care of my knives. Anyway, nice to hear from someone who has knowledge about the history of knives. Thank You. Al

The Al Mar arrived today. It is perfect!  Thank you, James in Washington

Your web site is a great resource for our visitors from all around the
world. Thanks and best regards, Armughan

Producers of different types of instruments including scissors, tweezers and manicure sets. Sialkot, Pakistan

I found your site thru Google, trying to find information on an 85+ year old knife with a sheath....looks like the handle is made out of stag/antler, total 9" in length, 5" blade.......but WOW...the information you have on this site is terrific!  Kudos to you guys!

Got the knife - Fantastic thanks so much !!!! Please let me know if you come across any others!!! Anton in California

Please put me on your email list, I am a retailer & sell knives as well as collect them. I have a varied interest in knives. Your site is a welcome SIGHT- 1st time for me today!   Thank you, Grant Patton.
Bentley Cycle & Trading Post  Bentley, Alberta, Canada.

This is a great site for knife enthusiasts. There are enough knife links at this site to keep anyone busy for weeks. 

I love your website. Everything that I want has already been sold. I like fighting knives and bowies! Keep up the good work!!
Thank you  Jonathan

THANK YOU!!!! The site is just WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. Also what a "treasure" Cutlers Cove is.  I certainly will be using this site. It is a knife user's and collector's dream. I going to look at all the sites now. Best regards and thanks again for your kindness and your help.  Joe

On Friday, 5/9, I ordered the Gerber Mark II knife from you.  It arrived in the mail today, Monday, 5/12.  I am delighted with the knife and your service. Thank you, John in Michigan

I heard about your site from a colleague. Your knives are of a good standard and survive the tests of professional use.
Thank you for your time. Neill w w

Hey Byron, Received my knife today! Is even better condition than the picture. Thanks, Jason

As a web designer, I appreciate good Web design and I wanted to say well done to you guys for a great website that is both useful in terms of information and web design, Mark, www.inspiraldesigns.com. Look forward to seeing you guys again soon. Keep up the good work on the excellent site.

Thanks for sending the photo! You are a pleasure to do business with and I will be in touch. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. I have a lot of knives but balisong / butterfly's are my favorite. Hopefully you will get more in the future.       Best regards, Jason

This is a great website. There is tons of info here!
Justin Boyette - Deputy Editor oegmag.com

Today morning I received knives which I ordered. All are GREAT! Thank you for your good deal. And I see 2 pins of your great present. Thank you and appreciate for your kindness. When I will go to Japan, I will give this great present to my friend. I wish this year will be wonderful year for you and your family. Takanori Igashira

Next time I’m in the States I’ll swing by. I think your site are great things. JSF in England

I thought that I should take the time to compliment you on a wonderful, informative and well produced website. While researching for an old Winchester 2206 pen knife (Hint!) I came across your site thru a keyword search. Obviously the owner of this site truly has an interest and love for various types of knives. Thank you for knowing what you are talking about and sharing it with others. Well done! Sal

I am very impressed with the array of knives on your site. I had noted that nearly all of your present stock of Gerber's are sold. A friend recommended your site.    Thanks Ty

Hi, My name is Mark Richmond and we exchanged links about a month ago. Our site is chefknivestogo.com. Your site has been sending us a good deal of traffic and we are going to put a home page link (the only one) to your site as a way to thank you for the traffic. We rotate our top links once a month so you get the honors for December.
Thanks again! Mark

I received the knife on Saturday, and it was in Great condition!  I was very impressed with the knife, and it was even better than I had hoped/expected.  The Stag handle is awesome.  This will be a great addition to my collection, and it was great doing business with you.
Ray in New Jersey

Hello I would just like to say that your site is most informative as I am a novice knife maker as well as sheath maker and this site has helped me a great deal thank you very much. Jason Kicking Horse knife works

The Dagger arrived today. I'm very pleased with the knife and its condition. A great piece! I hope we can stay in contact for future deals.   Take care, Stefan in Germany

Hi, I am writing from India- your site is very, very informative, thank you. Shashi.

Would like to see more of your inventory. Some of your knives are unbelievable. This comes from an old country boy who grew up near San Angelo!

This site has certainly been the most helpful and informative that I have found. I am both a collector and beginner knifemaker. I only found you by accident, can't you get more feeders in to you.

I received an excellent product and the service from start to finish was excellent. Very courteous and a real pleasure to deal with. Many, many thanks, Sheila from England

I've just checked your web site and you are quite right. It DOES say that the box is very worn. I just didn't notice. Apologies to you all. Anyway, I think the bowie knife is a beauty, with or without the box. All best wishes and I'll be checking your site regularly from now on.

Pity you don't do credit cards (Cutlers Cove does not take cards from outside the USA) though. It would make it easier and a lot cheaper for us over here (England). By the way, your shipping service is brilliant. Three working days all that way. Marvelous.
Bye for now, James from England

I have received my 2 Kershaw Good Buddies today. They look sharp! Thanks for the speedy delivery.      Sincerely, Mauri from Canada

This note is just to say thanks, to all who are participating in putting together what they know about knives to help others get a better understanding about knives them self's. Maybe one day all knives will be put into one book that will cover every knife made.
Sincerely, Chris B. Black

Today morning I received Gerber A325 & silver eagle which you sent.
Thank you for your good deal. Best regards, Takanori Igashira - Japan


Firstly I would like to say I think this is a great site. It allows me to see all sorts of shapes and designs of different types of knifes. Being in New Zealand we have quiet a limited range of designs. Looking at this site it gives a better idea of shapes and designs that can be accomplished . THANKS.

Really enjoyed viewing your spreadsheet on your site traffic. Very well done -- professional presentation. I'm convinced Cutler's Cove will continue its stunning growth pattern.

John Carroll
Chief Financial Officer
Keaton Kolor Cameras & Supplies


By the way your web page it great, it covers a lot of info and it is easy to understand you don't have to be a veteran collector to know what is being said.       Aaron L. Thomas

I talked to you at the San Antonio show 3-4-00. Your web site is very nice. I can tell you put in a lot of thought and time on it. Also the pictures of Ireland are very nice. I'll talk to you at the next show.

Bob Kern

Just thought I would let you know that I have visited your web page! Lots of work in here, for sure- I know because I am just now starting the process of a web site. W.A. Buche, DDS

I've just received my Remington and Scharde. They are beautiful... Thanks a million.   Bob Rembert

Great web site. Enjoyed browsing and will return many more times.
SG Louisiana


A very well laid out site. There is more products and info, Than can be read in one visit, Excellent site, Harold Morse

I received the dirk on Thursday. It is an exceptional blade - definitely.
So thanks for your fast shipment. It was a pleasure to do business with you. I'll check your site from time to time to look for other vintage blades. Thanks and all the best. Andreas Volk in Germany

Keep up the hard work, Your site just keeps getting better all the time.
I know the owner.

I cruise your site for new stuff 2-3 times a week. I share your interest in vintage knives.  Check it out, this site is one of the best. 
(as good as W.R.Case & Son.)       G

You have an excellent website and it is full of quality information and easy to navigate!  Thank you for your considerable efforts.  They are appreciated.

Excellent site! Glenn Maziar

A terrific company. Karen Brockway

Cool site. I really like looking at all the old knives. Keep up the good work.  Jason Schwefel

Some beautiful knives here! Hazel Salazar

I love it. I also visit your booth at the gun shows in Fredericksburg. Martin Sasko

Very unique site...can find unusual gifts with no problem!  
Norman Mendenhall

First time, but very impressed.
I regret not seeing it earlier, if so I would have bought " the hornet short sword" which I had never even heard of until I came across this site. I hope you get it again.
Jaime Perez

Awesome!  Joseph Chaddic

I still think it's one of the best!!  I like the large print. It's easy on the eyes!  Patricia Falsone



Very nice site.  Looks like high Quality Gear.   Jeff Anderson

Byron, I just had my first chance to look at the Knife Web Guide. I know that you have spent a lot of time putting this information together. There are a lot of people out here that can take advantage of all your efforts. I could not think of a question that was not answered somewhere in the "Guide". Thanks for all your efforts to make our lives a little better, and easier to find info on all types of Cutlery. 
Jon Summerlin

I thought this site was great with the information that I acquired from it. 

GREAT SITE  Terry Campbell

Wonderful Site, Thank you  Terri Mesiano

Cool site!  I've sure learned about knives here! Cheryl Moore

This is great. Thanks for letting me know at the Fredericksburg show on Sat.  Percy Richardson

A 'Cut' above the rest!!!!!  lol   Ruth Bousquet

Selection is ample. Pricing is as fair as outside.  Gerald Masters

Unique and very interesting items.  S. Borek

Why'd it take me so long to find it?  Catherine Rome

First-rate, first-class.  Thank you for the privilege of being able to access it.  Haven't seen a better site than this for knives!!!  Outstanding!  Patti Arnold

Wow - you have great knives (and a great web site, too.)  Thank you! Ann Grace Orn

Great Site, find the web directory very helpful. Thanks, Bob

It's the best sight my son and I have ever found.  It's exactly what we were looking for!!  Thanks a lot.  Michael Hover

I'm rather new at knife collecting & your site is great for me to see all the beautiful knives.  Thank you. Marlene Abitago

My son and grandsons will LOVE your site - I'll send them the URL.  Beverly Collins

This site is a must for knife enthusiasts. Thank you Jack Green

Just discovered it.  As a beginning knife collector, I will be back.
 Mike Mervosh

Enjoyed browsing your site. David Coulthard

Very informative, excellent site!  Ray Jones

I collect knives and I have to say that this is the best website I have visited.  Karen Moore

You have the best site. I love coming here you not only make me feel like home but I feel comfortable and confidant to order from you soon. Leslie Miceli

Very nice!! Your descriptions are marvelously detailed (though my aesthetic senses would like to see the photos of the knives on their individual pages in the upper left-hand corner, so we could see the knife as we read. I guess that's one way to tell the mere collectors from the *true* knife enthusiasts... The gray's a little dull for a background, too. Overall, though, the site is very well done. I could stand to see a few more knives per category, though. Personally, I'd like to see more of the "fantasy" blades like the Hornet, perhaps even a separate category called "Fantasy knives"; and this would be good for you because, since the Hibbens seem to sell out so quickly, it would make you more money! ;-)  Rachel Schmutter

Your doing a great job. Keep it coming. Herman Hagan

A truly great site. I knew there had to be a good web site on knives and I found it here. Thanks. Earl Noah

I received the knife yesterday and I absolutely love it. Thank you very much and remember me always when you come across cool GERBERS. I will make a web link to your site and send you a comment when I return next week. Take care!! Frank - The GERBER Guy

YES, I checked out your site and it is looking very professional. I wish you all the best with it, soon you may be able to sit at home and just collect $$. The GERBER Guy

I have really enjoyed your site it is so easy and has an explanation for everything. You have done a great job!
God Bless,
Don Hill    


Nicely Laid out. Easy to read and find. Well done.
Mike Werner, BSAP Consultant Services, Lubbock, TX

My wife and I talked to you at the end of the day about the Tak Fukuta  miniatures. And we discussed your website. I am on it now, and really enjoying it. (lots of information) I do like your website (already bookmarked) and will be checking it regularly. 
Best Regards,
David King

Just checked out your website. YES-Yes-yes. I'm really impressed, I think product is the key. Keep up the good work.

John Carroll
Website: http://www.KeatonKolor.com

Good luck on your e-venture. Seems like you've made a good start towards supplementing your physical presence at shows with a virtual presence online.

Guy Teague
Email: gt@gtweb.org    Website: http://www.gtweb.org

It was nice meeting you at the San Antonio show held last weekend. I will really value the Al Mar Warrior you sold me. I'm possibly getting orders for Saudi and will spend some time thinking about which knives to bring. When I was deployed to Cuba, I spent a lot of time trading knives with the Marines and sharpening their blades. Nice web site! 

Lt Col Tom Zazeckis

I told you that I might get a chance to look at the site. It looks great man. I am impressed. You have done a lot of nice changes and tuning. Looks good, so keep up the good work, man. This thing is going to grow wings someday, and really take off and fly like a real " Big " bird. Hope to see you around Christmas time. No promises, but I think that I will be there about that time......

Take care, and keep up the good work,

Your ole Buddy.....Jon Summerlin   Oct 17, 2000

Nice to have met you Byron. I enjoyed our chat at the Knife and Gun Show. I altered the key ring slightly, and found it suits me better. Pity, there is no way of removing the rings for valet parking etc.

Mike Werner

Your web site is great. Vernon Gomez, Austin

My compliments on your Web site! See you at the next Gun Show next month.  Lino Sepulveda   

Thanks for making this item available (Case V-42 Dagger).  As you know, these are quite scarce.  John

Great site! I will enjoy visiting here as much as I enjoy your visits to San Antonio. Thanks for my latest purchase (Parker-Frost), see you in May.  Daryle DeLaye I

I always enjoy looking at the knives, especially the Browning. Congratulations on your web site, looks great. Robert Theis


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