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Bob Sky Knives thrower made in ATS-34 that is near mint and has not been sharpened. It is marked Bob Sky Knives Robert Hajovsky Scotland, Texas with original hand made leather sheath. I purchase this knife several years ago at a Amarillo Gun and Knife show from Mr. Hajovsky. The knife is 12-1/4" overall and 3/16" thick. The handle is wrapped in a golden cord type material. The knife has several small rubbed places which makes it not mint but I have had it long enough that I do not remember if it came with the rubbed marks. It has not been used.

Because of the shape of the blade this knife would work as a great camp or hunting knife in addition to a throwing knife.

He told me it was a thrower and made of ATS-34 but it is not marked with any other information on the blade other than what is listed above.


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Bob Sky Knives thrower made in ATS34 that is near mint and has not been sharpened. FBC-00008 Sold

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