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A.G. Russell Coral Rucarta Sting Boot Knife 8" overall length with 3-3/4" mirror polished double edge blade. Blade ricasso is etched A.G. Russell Springdale ARK U.S.A. Solingen Germany. Front of blade tang is etched A.G. Russell 1977. One piece integral steel construction with grooved guard and pommel. Near mint condition or is mint with several light scratches on the high polished blade from going into the sheath. It has not been sharpened or carried. Includes original brown leather sheath with metal boot/belt clip. This extremely high quality knife was produced in 1977. Coral is burgundy in color and quite good looking.

The following are quotes from A.G. Russell:
"To make the original Sting, I tried makers in this country, in Japan and in England. Every one of them told me that what I wanted was "out of the question". Othello in Solingen told me the same thing, but after I explained my vision of how it should be done, the shop leader took only 15 minutes in his shop before rushing back and telling Mrs. Dahmann and myself with great pride, "we can do this". About a year later, we were selling those first knives at a wonderful $35 each".

"We made the Springdale Ark marked ones with India Stag, Ivory, Ivory Rucarta, Coral Rucarta, Black Rucarta and a very few with buffalo horn, those marked Solingen with rosewood (most common) very few in India Stag, some in coral Rucarta, Black Rucarta. The all steel with highly polished finish, Black Chrome, Gold Chrome (rarest), black hostaflon, green hostaflon and with 100 Damascus also first production with etched oak leaves".

"The sting II (large Size) was made with Solingen address and all handle materials as the original sting".

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A.G. Russell Coral Rucarta Sting Boot Knife 8" overall length with 3-3/4" mirror polished double edge blade. Made in 1977. D000031 Sold

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