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Kershaw Trooper Report on Model 1007

20th Anniversary 1998-2018

The best book on this knife!

Are you paying too much for the Trooper you are buying?

20 years in the making of this valuable resource

The unique Kershaw Trooper Report includes all the latest details, market values, history and more about the Kershaw Trooper famous dagger knife.

Now bigger and better

New information and expanded to 14 pages

The most complete up to date information and price guide on this unique dagger available anywhere!

Now with several hundred serial numbers, production dates and market values covering all the years of production!

Actual market values have been added to the bigger Kershaw Trooper Report. The larger report includes an expanded section on the Kershaw Carved Ivory Collections. This was a very limited hand carved genuine ivory handled edition produced inside the larger standard run Trooper and made many years ago.

The report is printed with smaller text at 10 point (the size of the text to the right). The report is bigger with fourteen pages, more information, many more serial numbers including dates of production and much more. The report keeps getting larger and better!

Find out if you are paying too much for the Trooper you are buying!
The current report has what Troopers have sold for going back several years.

Valuable information may increase your Kershaw Trooper's value!

The original Kershaw Trooper Report™ includes information on the production and history of the Model 1007 Kershaw Trooper dagger and history of the Kershaw Knife Company. It is a booklet more than a book but it is full of data, prices, history, material types, handle types and much more information.

Also included are a large number of combinations including serial numbers and production dates for the numbered Troopers covering the complete range of production. The report includes past manufacturer suggested retail prices MSRP by years, information about when the blood groove* started and much more. Also included is information when the Phenolic** handle replaced the ebony wood handle and other handle materials used.

Inside the report, you will find important information about values and collecting. The report is must have information if you own or want to know more about this high quality dagger. Find valuable and fun information on the over 34,000 Trooper dagger knives produced.

Order your useful Kershaw Trooper Report™ today!

The only knife made by Kershaw to have been
serial numbered since it started production.

The oldest one we ever owned Kershaw Trooper #0357 was traded to a collector in the USA and the private price information is in the current report. We have added many recent actual prices that vintage Kershaw Troopers have sold for and will continue adding this tangible information to the report.

If you have a Trooper without the signed card or certificate of authenticity the extensive detailed list of serial numbers, production dates and actual sold prices inside the Report may help you discover the month and year your knife was made including what it is worth.

And speaking of dates we started working on the original Kershaw Trooper Report™ in 1998. The report was much smaller back then but it has grown as we have added many combinations of serial numbers and production dates and much more information for the numbered Troopers. A big thank you to all who have sent in many serial numbers and production dates for the Troopers. Your input is making the Kershaw Trooper Project a growing success.

This report has sold for as much as $25.55 on eBay.

The report is published exclusively by CutlersCove.com since 1998; printed on demand using a laser printer and premium 24lb. heavyweight bright white paper; therefore it is always up to date when you order it. The report is printed to fit into a standard 3-ring binder with 3-holes on the left. Binder not included but any
8-1/2" X 11" standard 3-ring binder will hold the report.

The 8-1/2" X 11" fourteen page report is available on our website for $10.99 plus $3.05 shipping in the USA for flat not folded 1st-class postage in large envelope. The paper we use is made in Sweden and offers superior performance to produce clear sharp text, vibrant colors and superior contrast using an HP laser printer.

Get your copyright protected issue of the helpful and informative Kershaw Trooper Report™ straight from the author Byron Rogers, owner of CutlersCove.com.

We ship this flat not folded in large 9" X 12" white envelope.

You get a very detailed report about the Kershaw Trooper knife model 1007 printed on paper when you purchase this item.

Please Note: Kershaw Trooper knife is not included in the purchase. Kershaw Trooper knife photo is for illustration purposes only.

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Kershaw Trooper Report - 8-1/2" X 11" fourteen pages total
Printed report shipped in the USA in large envelope!
Texas residents add 8.25 % sales tax.

CutlersCove.com exclusive report!


Now only $15.98 delivered in the USA

$3.99 shipping in the USA
1st-class postage
Faster Service

If you want your Kershaw Trooper Report delivered faster order USPS Priority Mail
and it will be delivered in 2 to 3 days most places in the USA.

Printed report shipped in the USA in large
Priority Mail envelope --- Add $3.99 more
$11.99 + $3.99 + $3.99 = $19.97   Kershaw Trooper Report delivered by Priority Mail in USA


A big thank you to all who have sent in many serial numbers and production dates for the Kershaw Troopers. Your input is making the Kershaw Trooper Project a growing success.

We need more years and serial numbers for all years of production.

We need more numbers especially for each of the following two years: 1999 and 2009. Even one more per year will help.

We want to continue enlarging the report by adding more combinations of serial numbers and production dates for the numbered Kershaw Troopers. If you have all five: the serial number, production date including month and year and whither your Trooper has a blood grove and type of handle ebony wood, Phenolic** composite or carved ivory handle please email or mail me the information. You can email me through CutlersCove.com and their form on the site by sending your information to - Attention: Trooper Project in the Comments section of the form.

Please send the serial number, production date and
yes/no blood groove* like example below.

Serial Number - Month - Year - yes/no Blood groove* - Type of Handle

Does your Trooper have a blood groove?

What type of handle material?

Examples: #22,347 - January 2000 - blood groove* - ebony wood
                 #33,996 - Febuary 2008 - blood groove* - phenolic**

If your knife was made in 2009 and a few years before please also include the type of handle material it has. It will be either ebony hardwood or Phenolic** composite handle. How to tell the difference --- ebony is wood (Nature made) and if you look close with a magnifier it has wood grain and Phenolic** is a smooth man made composite without grain.

Want to know what your knife is worth? Click here.

Other products and companies referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or mark holders. No such use, or the use of any trade names, is intended to convey endorsement or other affiliation.

* Blood groove: A fuller is a rounded or beveled groove or slot in the flat side of a blade (e.g. a sword, knife, or bayonet). Contrary to popular belief, the terms "blood groove" or any similar names are misnomers: the fuller was not designed to allow blood to flow from a stabbed person. A fuller is actually used to strengthen and/or lighten the blade, much in the way that an I-beam shape lends strength to a steel rod.
From Wikipedia

** Phenolic is a composite material like a bowing ball. Phenolic handle material was used on the original Kershaw Folding Field model 1050 and the original Kershaw hunting knives like models 1030 Deer, 1032 Big Skinner, 1034 Elk and 1035 Moose.

We have been working on the Kershaw Trooper Report for a long time, seventeen years, so if you take the current cost of $11.99 divide by 20 it works to be about 60¢ per year you are paying.

Kershaw Trooper Dagger Model 1007, serial number 0357, mint in the box


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