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Kershaw Trooper Dagger Model 1007, serial number 5173, with box and leather sheath is a early production model. The near mint dagger is 9-3/8" overall. It is mint except for several rub marks on the very shinny blade that were probably made inserting the knife in to the leather sheath. It has not been sharpened. Double-edge blade with blood grove. Drilled for a lanyard, can be lashed to a pole to serve as a survival spear. Flat on the butt to allow for pounding on the handle. This one does not have the card with the production date.

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Kershaw Trooper Dagger Model 1007, serial number 5173Kershaw Trooper Dagger Model 1007, serial number 5173

  •  Mirror-polished, AUS8A stainless-steel blade, stainless-steel pommel and guard
  •  Genuine close-grained ebony hardwood handle  
  •  Serial-numbered and early production
  •  Includes foam fitted gray jewelry grade presentation case with harness-leather
     sheath with boot or belt clip 
  •  The only knife made by Kershaw to have been serial numbered since it started 
  •  A magnificent presentation or gift knife! You will be proud to own this one! 
  •  With purchase of the above Trooper receive, a detailed Kershaw Trooper Report on the daggers history. **

The description in a older Kershaw catalog is as follows:
The splendid Trooper is sheer artistry in form. A collectible grade knife, its mirror-polished stainless steel blade, pommel, and guard are permanently bonded to the select close-grain ebony hardwood handle. Ideal for presentation, the Trooper is serial-numbered. Accessories include a harness leather sheath with clip and protective case with engraving plate. Model 1007 Double-Edge Blade 5-1/4"; Overall 9-3/8".

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Order #

Kershaw Trooper Dagger with box and leather sheath serial number 5173, early production. Kershaw Trooper Report included.   D000021 Sold






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One of the first 400 made: Kershaw Trooper Dagger serial number 0357 mint in the box

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