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Daggers, Dirks and Push Dagger Knives

Usually double edged with two sharp edges. A few have a false dull edge and a sharp edge. Sometimes called a boot knife if small enough to fit inside your boot. Stiletto is a small dagger with a narrow tapering blade.

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Gerber dagger knives. We only have one of each knife to sell. Gerber Frisco Shiv dagger, Gerber Frisco Shiv drop point, Gerber Command I, Gerber Guardian. D000039 to D000042  Sold

Gerber Guardian, mint in the box, serial no. 011784. It is 7" overall with a 3-1/4" blade. This is the original model of the Gerber Guardian, which came out over 20 years ago. D000033   Sold

Gerber Guardian I, mint in the box, serial no. C1438S. It is 9-1/8" overall with a
4-7/8" blade.   D000034 

Gerber Guardian II, Ex+, light ware on the handle from being in sheath, serial no. A8366S. It has not been sharpened.   D000035   Sold

Gerber Command II, mint in the box, serial no. A1699S; a companion model to the Mark II. It is 12" overall.  D000032  Sold

Blackjack Tartan Dirk that is near mint and comes with two sheaths. D000013  Sold

T2 Dagger made for the Terminator 2: Judgment Day movie. The knife and sheath are near mint. D000024  Sold


Gerber Mark II (Mark 2) with straight blade, black aluminum handle and black Cordura sheath with factory leg tie. Knife is mint in factory box. Serial number H1589S. Gerber item number 5700.  Gerber discontinued this model late in 2000.  D000061  Sold


Kershaw Trooper Report includes all the details, market values and more

U.S. Military Knives, Bayonets and Machetes Price Guide
This is a must have if you want to know the value of your military knives!

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