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Fighting Knives

Usually very stout and heavy duty. May be double edged with two sharp edges or have a sharp and a dull false edge. A good example is a sub hilt fighter. Many are military, tactical or combat knives.

There are several pages of Fighting knives
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Old sword. Overall length 32". The information on the blade appears to be German in origin.  $2000.00   X-00014
 Save $242
Just Reduced

Applegate-Fairbairn Special Commemorative Set, Limited Edition - 1997, serial number 587/3000. Gerber Combat Folder and Boker Fighting Knife.  X-00011  Sold

Tru-Bal SPORT-PRO Model No. 79 Throwing Knife, Tru-Bal TRU-PRO model 5 by Harry K. McEvoy. Vintage Cold Steel Special Projects large throwing knife that is near mint with Paracord Handle Wrap.  Sold
to X-00091

Smith & Wesson 960 fighting knife mint with original leather sheath and box made in the USA. It is 11-1/8" overall. Marked First Production Run, circa 1995.  X-00046  Sold

Tru-Bal Model No. 4 Battle Blade Throwing knife excellent with original leather sheath. Olsen OK Throwing Knife mint with original leather sheath.

Parker Throwing knives with original leather sheath. Each i- Sold for $123.50 in 2014 s near mint. The handle material on each is burgundy linen Micarta. Made by Parker in Japan. Each is 7-1/4" overall.   Sold
X-00079 to X-00081

Case XX Throwing knife Made 1940-64 in USA. Othello Throwing knife Made in Solingen, Germany of carbon steel.    
X-00082 to X-00084 

Pacific Cutlery Kuzan Oda Tanto model 750, mint, was designed by Japanese maker Kuzan Oda. Overall the knife is 10-1/2'' long, the blade is 5-3/4'' from guard to tip and 3/16'' thick, it has a mirror polished finish with simulated "hamon".  
X-00076   Sold

Al Mar SF-SOG Special OPS with black Micarta handles and marked SEKI-JAPAN. It is mint with the great original sheath and box. The blade is 8" and it is 13" overall. Model 4008-B. It is full tang with a thick 1/4" blade. 
X-00078   Sold

Tru-Bal Bowie-Axe model 2 mint. It is 13-1/2" overall with specially tempered spring steel blade and composite handle. Includes original tan leather sheath. Made in the USA. This may be from the late 1980's. This knife designed by Harry K. McEvoy.   
X-00075  Sold

Argentine Machete / Bolo made in Germany in 1909, Modelo Argentino 1909 Short Sword or Machete, manufactured by Weyersberg Kirschbaum and Company of Solingen, Germany. Massive and hard to find military issue jungle machete with matching numbered scabbard.   X-00077  Sold

Benchmade Bushmaster model 150 mint in the box with papers. It is 14-3/4" overall with stainless steel blade and textured neoprene handle. Includes original textured thermoformed ABS sheath. Made in the USA and company address was in Hollywood, CA. This may be from the late 1970's.

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