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Gerber Custom C300B green resin handle, high speed steel blade that is mint in the box. The knife is 7-1/2" overall. The blade on the C300 is less wide and less thick than the C325. The leather sheath and black box are original. The leather sheath that comes with this knife is the first design. They have a unique shape that holds the knife in the sheath for normal carry but if you need more protection there is still a sap strap to completely lock the knife in. These are hard to find as they where only made about one year!

The forest green resin handles were made 1975 to 1976

The following in bold is from the Gerber paper work that came with the knives back when they came out:
Custom designed to meet the rugged demands of today's outdoorsman, these superb cutting tools blend ultramodern, functional design, and skilled Gerber craftsmanship and manufacturing techniques. Extra-strong blades are precision ground to a razor sharp, double-wedge shape and boast a super-hardness of Rockwell C60-62. Special industrial hard-chrome plating keeps these high speed tool steel blades bright and stainless through the demanding use for which this series was designed.

Natural forest green handles are integrally molded to notched blade tangs to form a continuous, virtually indestructible unit. Handles feature space-age plastic resin construction which prove not only rigid toughness but a warm, comfortable surface for the hand. Choose from a variety of blade designs customized for your cutting chores.

There were six blade designs to choose from with this green handle. According to Levine's Guide to Knives and Their Values 4th Edition Al Mar designed these while he was at Gerber and the green nylon handles were made 1975 to 1976. This is hard to find mint in the box.

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Gerber C300B green resin handle, high speed steel blade that is mint in the box. 
The knife is 7-1/2" overall. No longer made.
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