Shorty Hunting knife by Gerber. No sheath included. It is an excellent hunting or skinning knife. Circa 1968 to 1976 with high speed tool steel blade. Made in USA. Knife has the gray handle which came out before the black handle. The black handles where the last ones to be made before they discontinued the series. The gray handles are not as old as the chrome handles.

The following in bold is from the Gerber paper work that came with the knives back when they came out:

Extra-strong blades are precision ground to a razor sharp, double-wedge shape and boast a super-hardness of Rockwell C60-62. Special industrial hard-chrome plating keeps these high speed tool steel blades bright and stainless through the demanding use for which this series designed.

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Gerber Shorty excellent minus sharpened with gray Armorhide metal handle. 8-3/4" overall. It has carry wear on the handle and blade. No sheath. Circa 1968 to 1976 with high speed tool steel blade. Made in USA. This knife is marked Shortly but it is very much like the Mini Magnum. This knife is not to be confused with the current River Shorty. Not current production.   

The Shortly above is very much like the Mini Magnum. They both have the same handle but the Shortly has a 4-1/2" blade and the Mini Magnum has a 4" blade. The Mini Magnum blade is shaped very much like the above Shortly blade.

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Below copy of original Gerber brochure is circa 1978.
Gerber Armorhide Hunting Knives

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Gerber Shortly (8-3/4"). High speed steel blades.  One original chrome handle and one gray handle hunting knives.

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