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Parker, United, ALAMO Brand Solingen Germany hunting knives and all metal black boot knife. No sheaths included.

The descriptions below match the order of the knives above.

Description Order # Price
Parker that is near mint, not sharpened. 9" overall and the handle is composite cast to the blade. Carbon steel blued blade as from the factory. There are small tarnish spots on the blade and cutting edge. They are not bad and will come off after the knife is sharpened. It has a finger ring as part of the handle for safety and guard. No sheath. Japan. This is Japanese quality.   First knife on left above.   H000089 Sold
Description Order # Price
United black rubber like handle, no sheath, is near mint not sharpened with light carry wear and light tarnish. 10" overall. Clip blade large hunting or small Bowie knife. Made in Taiwan, surgical steel. Model UC290.  H000101 Sold
Thanks Grady O. in North Carolina
Description Order # Price
ALAMO Brand, Solingen Germany, model 15, carbon steel blade with high density cork handle and 9-1/8" overall full length tang. The comfortable cork handle is in excellent condition and solid with no missing pieces or cracks. Overall excellent sharpened condition with long fuller. No sheath. A good small fillet, boning or general purpose knife.  H000085 Sold
Thanks Grady O. in North Carolina
Description Order # Price
Boot knife 8-7/8" overall, black overall. Near mint not sharpened. No sheath. Good boot knife or dagger that is sold stainless steel metal with composite handle. Over 10 years old not current production. Marked Frost Cutlery Surgical Steel Taiwan.   
The last one on the right in the photo.
X-00043 Sold
Thanks Grady O. in North Carolina

Vintage fixed blade knife sheaths. The sheaths are in excellent condition or better.

The Complete Book of Pocketknife Repair: A Cutler's Manual by Ben Kelly Jr.

There is a $10.00 minimum order requirement.

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