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Al Mar front-lock folding knives. Eagle black Micarta Serial number #120/200.  We only have one of each knife to sell.

About serial numbered Al Mar's: From the day that Al started producing knives (1979) he ordered 200 from the factory on the first run. When those 200 came in they were sent out to the dealers. If the dealers response was good then Al ordered some more. If the dealers respond was bad then that was the end of the knife in production. Either way good or bad that means that there are only 200 serial numbered Al Mar's of every knife that he produced and this continues today with the current owner of Al Mar Knives. This of course makes each one of these pre-production knives very desirable. The only thing better is a proto type Al Mar knife, and I have only had two of those since 1991.

Many serial numbered Al Mar knives where made while Al Mar ran the company. You will need to know about the early patterns to help you lock down any knife’s time line.

Early copy from an Al Mar brochure:
This series incorporates the unique concept in lockblade technology, the exclusive Front Lock, originally developed through the joint efforts of custom knifemakers W.T. Fuller and Harvey McBurnette.

Al Mar was working for an industrial design firm in Los Angeles in 1967. Gerber's first designer retired about this time and Al Mar joined Gerber Legendary Blades in 1967 or 68 (American Blade magazine Dec. 1976) after Pete Gerber gave Al the task of coming up with an aluminum handle for a kitchen knife. Pete Gerber thought the project was very successful and offered Al the position of design chief. Did you know that Al is credited with designing the Gerber Mark I.

He left Gerber in 1979 to start Al Mar Knives and he died in October of 1992. Al was 54 years old. The new owners have now discontinued most of the original models and moved to other makers on the remaining models. This leaves the knives made while Al was in control of the company very desirable and collectible! Mar is Chinese for horse.

Al Mar Logo

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The descriptions below match the order of the knives above.

Description Order # Price
Al Mar Eagle ivory Micarta front-lock, U.S.A. SEKI-JAPAN. It is near mint with original leather sheath and light carry wear. It has not been sharpened. The blade is 4" and it is 5" closed. Model 1005WM is a very early Al Mar not a current one it has been discontinued for years. With lanyard. It would be great for scrimshaw. The original leather sheath is in excellent- condition with small cut marks on the flap and needs a good cleaning with saddle soap. The type of ivory Micarta used in this knife is no longer in production and it has developed a fine age patina similar to genuine ivory. This knife probably was made in 1979 or 1980 and was one of the first production knives made by AL Mar.  Period one knife*.   FJ-00360

The new Eagle model is smaller at 4-7/8" closed.

Thanks Dennis F. in
Description Order # Price
Serial number #120/200.
Al Mar Ultralight Eagle black Micarta front-lock. It is mint in the box with part-serrated blade and clip. The blade is 4" and it is 5" closed. Model 1005UBK2 is an Al Mar model that came out a few years before his death. This is one of the first of this model to be made. Below address is on the box and paper inside the box.

Al Mar Knives Inc.
5755 SW Jean Rd., Suite 101
P.O. Box 1626
Lake Oswego, OR 97035 USA

The above address is the location of Al Mar Knives back in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Current address is in Tualatin, Oregon.

Included with the purchase of this knife at no additional cost is a copy of an article that Al Mar wrote back in 1984, Huntin' Hawgs the Hard Way. Al was hunting hogs at night with a knife on the YO Ranch in Mt. Home, Texas and he told a good story about the hunt. The hunt included hog hunting dogs and a six-inch or longer blade knife.

About serial numbered Al Mar's    Period one knife or maybe two*.


Al Mar Knives decals and cigar. Knife Memorabilia Collection.


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* There are three distinct periods in the Al Mar Knives company:

1.  Al Mar founded and ran the company from 1979 to 1992.

2.  Al Mar’s wife Ann and daughter Ryanne ran the company after Al’s death from 1992 to 1996.

3.  Gary Fadden, a fellow Green Beret and friend of Al Mar owns and runs the company from 1996 to present.

If you have a correction or something to add to this short time line please let us know so we can update this informal company history.

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