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Kershaw 1050 Folding Field and 1040 Folding Field II both with original leather sheaths. We only have one of each knife to sale.

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Kershaw 1040 Folding Field II with original leather sheath. Mint with bass bolsters needing to be polished. The leather sheath is near mint. It is 3-7/8" closed. They came out in 1980.

They were produced to fill the large demand for a top quality heavy duty folding hunter that isn't too bulky and yet has the feel of a large hunting knife. We have several customers who use this knife for skinning deer and they say it is their favorite hunting knife. It is hard to find them in this fine condition because they were discontinued around 1989.

FJ-00483 Sold

Order #

Kershaw 1050 Folding Field with original leather sheath. Near mint with bass bolsters needing to be polished. It has been sharpened with light use. The leather sheath is near mint. Features 3-3/4" AUS8A stainless steel blade, finger grooved phenolic handle. 4-3/4" closed with brass bolsters and lock back. A heavy duty locking folding knife that works very much like a fixed blade.

I think this one is about 14 years old. According to legend Pete Kershaw drew this knife on a napkin and it became the flagship knife for the young Kershaw Knife Company back in 1974. Pete retired on May 31, 1998 and I think this one was made while he was still at the company because it has been in my personal collection that long.

FJ-00484 Sold

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