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Jack Knives Page 5

Lockback, Liner-Lock, Tactical, Trapper, Folding Hunter, Physician, Toothpick, Melon Tester, Swell-End, Canoe, Easy-Opener, Fishtail, Sunfish, Barlow, Fish, Muskrat, Clasp, Moose, Gunstock, Electrician, Pruning, Cotton Sampler, Budding, Grafting, Florist, Sailor’s Rope, Rigging, Silver Fruit, Peanut.
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Case Centennial knife 1889-1989 with red bone handles.  FJ-00342 Sold

Al Mar front-lock folding knives. Falcon and Vulture ivory Micarta U.S.A. SEKI-JAPAN. Some of the first knives made by Al Mar back in the beginning.
FJ-00454 to FJ-00455

Kershaw 1993 Limited Edition with black micarta handles and presentation box with sheath. FJ-00113    Sold

Masters of Defense Trident Utility Folder 4-1/4" closed plain edge blade manual. It is the original model and is mint.   FJ-00446  Sold 

Western folding hunter, Western Coleman two blade trapper, Western Coleman lock back knife. All before Camillus Cutlery.
FJ-00327 to FJ-00329

Al Mar Hawk ivory Micarta front-lock. It is mint in the box with original sheath. The blade is 2-1/2" and it is 3-1/4" closed. Model 1002 is a early Al Mar not a current one.  Sold

A.G. Russell One Hand Knife with Desert Ironwood scales. It is mint with plain blade in the box with papers and Allen wrench as it came from Russell. The blade is 3-1/8" and it is 3-7/8" closed. It has not been sharpened or used. No longer made.  Sold

Al Mar Buzzard ivory Micarta front-lock. It is near mint without the box or sheath but it does have a felt pouch. It is really mint with very light marks on the bolster and it has not been sharpened. The blade is 3-5/8" and it is 4-3/4" closed. Model 1006 is a early Al Mar not a current one.  Sold

Al Mar Quicksilver Jumbo folding fillet is mint. The blade is 5-3/4" and it is 7" closed. Model 2005. The handle is Zytel and the blade is 6A stainless steel and 1/8" thick. This is maybe the longest folder Al made.  Sold

Al Mar SERE Attack II Micarta front-lock. It is mint in the box with the original sheath. The blade is 3-1/2" and it is 4-1/2" closed. Model 3002A. It has the United States Army Special Forces chest "DE OPPRESSO LIBER" on the bolsters which is Latin and means To Liberate the Oppressed. Sold

Al Mar SERE Attack I Micarta front-lock. It is near mint in faded box with the original sheath. The blade is 3" and it is 3-3/4" closed. Model 3001A.  Sold

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