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Jack Knives Page 6

Lockback, Liner-Lock, Tactical, Trapper, Folding Hunter, Physician, Toothpick, Melon Tester, Swell-End, Canoe, Easy-Opener, Fishtail, Sunfish, Barlow, Fish, Muskrat, Clasp, Moose, Gunstock, Electrician, Pruning, Cotton Sampler, Budding, Grafting, Florist, Sailor’s Rope, Rigging, Silver Fruit, Peanut.
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Kershaw Corral Creek Model 3315 made in the USA and mint in the box, Premier Edition 1996 with Pete Kershaw signature on the back of the blade.

Case stag clasp knife that is mint made in 1976 and part of the Razor Edge set. Tang marked Case XX 5172SSP and on the back Hand Made USA four dots.  FJ-00278  Sold

Al Mar SERE Attack 1 ivory Micarta front-lock. It is near mint with the original sheath. The blade is 3" and it is 3-3/4" closed. Model 3001A. DGR 21/50  FJ-00300  Sold

Case Saddlehorn dark red bone folder that is mint in the box and made in 1991 Winston Cup Championship FJ-00172  Sold

John Primble Belknap two blade premium jack with imitation bone handle that is near mint. 4984 Pattern. 3-1/2” closed. Nickel silver bolsters. It has not been sharpened. FJ-00331 Sold

Gerber Sportsman 1 in mint condition and is 3-1/2" closed.  Sold

Schrade Tennessee River Trapper with genuine brown pick bone handle that is mint in original box with papers. TRT96 Pattern.  4-1/8” closed. Nickel silver bolsters with brass liners. Schrade+ stainless steel blades. Made in the USA. FJ-00367  Sold

Kershaw scrimshaw Macho from 1986. Eagle color scrimshaw by Walter Alexander. 91/250 Mint in wood display box. The knife is 3-7/8" closed and model 2120.   FJ-00418  Sold

Schatt & Morgan physician knife with genuine bone handles and two blades. Mint in the box. It is
3-5/8" closed.   FJ-00409 

Case Trapper two blade with bone handles, made 1965-69, that is near mint.
FJ-00231  Sold

A.G. Russell One Hand Knife with Coral Rucarta scales. It is near mint with plain blade. The blade is 3-1/8" and it is 3-7/8" closed. It has not been sharpened but is does have carry wear. Sold

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