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Parker Edwards Damascus lockbacks and trapper from the first knives made in the new knife making plant in Jacksonville, Alabama in 1985. There where five different folders made that first year and we have four of them for sale. There were about 6,000 of each pattern made with bark stag handles. The handle material is also called sandbar stag and all the knives were made by Parker Edwards in the USA. Bark stag (sometimes called second cut stag) is the interior part of the deer antler to which a special jigging and dye has been added to the surface to give it a unique appearance.

Damascus Folding Knife
512 layers Damascus Steel Blades
Parker Edwards Tang Stamp 1985 - 1986
Made over 25 years ago

Each knife has a 512 layers Damascus steel blade with nickel silver bolsters and brass frames. We do not get these often so if you are trying to finish your collection now is the time. Carbon steel Damascus blades.

Each knife on this page includes at no charge two additional items: A flyer titled The Damascus Steel Story which explains what is special about Damascus, and why it costs so much. The flyer also goes in to how no two Damascus blades are a like, the same way that no two finger prints are the same, and a small bottle of our special oil to take care of your Damascus carbon steel blade. A $6 value included free.


The descriptions below match the order of the knives above.

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Order #


Mint 5" closed lockback. The nickel silver bolsters need polishing. This was the largest of the folders made for this first group. Top knife in photo.  

FJ-00502 Sold

Order #

Mint 4-1/4" closed lockback. The bolsters need polishing. Serial No. 363 on front bolster. We only have one to sale.     Thanks,  R. Schechter in California
Comes in original display box 7-3/4" X 4-3/4" X 7/8".  
FJ-00503 Sold

Order #

Mint 3-3/4" closed lockback. The bolsters need polishing. We only have one to sale. Comes in original box.    Thanks,  R. Schechter in California FJ-00504 Sold

Order #

Trapper 2 blade Mint 4" closed. Serial No. 106 on front bolster. The bolsters need polishing. We only have one to sale.
Comes in original display box 7-3/4" X 4-3/4" X 7/8". Bottom knife in photo.
FJ-00505 Sold

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Knife Preservation Oil

Great for knife or tool maintenance.

It is good for both carbon steel and stainless steel.

Penetrating oil and long-lasting corrosion protection.

It cleans and protects against rust and corrosion.

A light lubricant containing non-detergent oil and no silicone.

It works with any knife steel and after application will dry down and leave a light covering film of oil protection against rust and corrosion. This specially formulated knife oil is great for protecting your Damascus steel. It prevents rust and corrosion by leaving behind a thin, clear, protective film. It also removes light soils and contaminants.

How it works:
After the oil is applied the substrate evaporates leaving a fine, light, thin layer of protective oil on the surface. The substrate helps the oil easily cover all the surfaces you apply it to.

A little goes a long way!

How to apply:
Shake to mix well. The best way to apply is to use a 100% cotton cloth**. Put a little on the cloth and rub the surface of your knife metal making sure not to wipe any off. In small areas also try a Q-Tip*** cotton swab to apply the oil. When applying be very careful not to cut your fingers while you are working with any sharp edge. Then let it dry down and your protection is complete. Each time you handle or use your knife repeat, especially when you put a knife in storage for long periods. Drying time depends on your temperature and humidity. We have found it will generally dry down over night or before.

Keep oil out of reach of children. Oil contains petroleum distillates do not drink.

Made in U.S.A.

A little history about the oil:
We started making this special oil many years ago (about 1992) to help protect knives we sold and used ourselves. We have given many bottles away with knife purchases back when we did trade shows and also sold a few along the way. People tell us how much they like the way it works and that it doesn't take much to cover and protect their blades. We hope you like it yourself.

* Price is based on Pocket Knife Trader's Price Guide Vol. 2 ©1993 by Jim Parker. Eighteen year old price has a little added to each!

** An old 100% cotton T-shirt works great.

*** Other products and companies referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or mark holders. No such use, or the use of any trade names, is intended to convey endorsement or other affiliation.

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