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Parker throwing star that closes down and Parker Easy Lock near mint in box.

Parker Cutlery made knives from 1976 to 1990. Parker Eagle Brand cutlery ended in 1990.

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Parker throwing star that closes down from four points to just two points and smaller to fit into the original green nylon pouch in mint condition. The overall length is
4 inches from point to point. The ruff places on the back showing in the photo are in the metal and are not pitting or rust, surgical steel, Japan. The release is spring loaded and locks with detent. Different!   Left in photo.  
FJ-00478 Sold

Order #

Parker Easy Lock misspelled PARKAR Cut. Co. on knife tang. It is in near mint condition with original box, not sharpened. The brass bolster needs polishing. 3-3/8" closed. The knife is mint with a small hair line crack in the bone handle near the left pin as seen in the bottom of the photo. Genuine white smooth bone handles. Unique lockback knife, you press down on the metal part showing on the right side releasing the lock then the metal release closes back into the handle and fits tight, surgical steel, Japan. NO. 713 on box and Parker is spelled correctly on the box. We have sold many Parkers over the years first misspelled one. Different and rare!  This knife sold for $24.95 in 1981. Right in photo.
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FJ-00479 Sold

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