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Spyderco Howard Viele C42S with serrated edge is near mint and is a premium knife. It has not been sharpened and has light carry wear. It has Micarta scales mounted on the stainless liners. The Howard Viele has a clip and is 4-3/8" closed. This is the original Howard Viele not the smaller 3-7/8" closed model. This model C42S has been discontinued for years. Years Produced: 1997-2002. List price was $139.95 back years ago. If you always wanted one of these now it your chance. Get it before it is gone.

Howard Viele has been a leading member of the Knifemaker's Guild since 1976. His designs are visually identifiable and carry his personal stamp: tactical, modern, gentlemanly and tapered. The Howard Viele is probably the most elegant Spyderco knife. All facets of this piece reflect Howard Viele's twenty years of knifemaking experience and the extensive time he invested in bringing this collaboration to fruition. Recognizable by the Viele trademark (the three small holes adjacent to the Spyderco Trademark Round Hole), this knife joins flowing lines with a high-tech appearance to exemplify simplicity. For more information on Howard Viele, refer to the Winter 1996 issue of Tactical Knives Magazine pages 82-86.

Steel scales sit beneath slabs formed of smooth dark Micarta, and the front slab drops to give the impression of a bolster. An open spine with a spacer lightens the look and feel of the piece and makes cleaning and drying more efficient. The handle incorporates a Linerlock with ball bearing detent (chosen for its exceptional strength) and a clothing clip for tip-down carry.

The blade features a deep hollow grind for enhanced cutting performance and visual appeal, as well as a Japanese symbol that carries many different meanings (the interpretation Viele prefers is 'Japanese God of War'). The blade spine is textured at the thumb position for increased control. Overall, this knife boasts ultra-smooth action and peak performance materials.

This is a mint one and ours is near mint.

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Spyderco Howard Viele C42S with serrated edge is near mint. It has not been sharpened and has light carry wear. This is the original Howard Viele introduced in 1997 not the smaller model which came out later and is also no longer in production. 
Thanks,  S. Elliott in Florida
FJ-00445 Sold

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