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Queen Cutlery sharpening and Gerber sharpening steel. Both are near mint. Knife Memorabilia Collection. We only have one of each to sell.

Front view

Back view
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Description Order # Price
Queen Cutlery sharpening stone on wood block that is near mint and the stone is 7" X 1" with the wood base at 8-1/8" X  2-3/8" overall. There are instructions on the back side on how to sharpen a knife. Not sure how old this is but somewhere in the 10 to 40 year range.   SA-00086 Sold
Description Order # Price
Gerber Sharpening Steel original in near mint condition with original leather sheath. The steel is 8" overall and is 8-3/4" overall in the sheath. It is the largest model Sportsman's Steel. The leather sheath is in excellent condition. A great sharpening steel from the 1970's, and it is hard to find in this condition. The smaller 5" models are easier to find than the large 8" model. The end of the tool is shaped into a chisel edge. No longer made. SA-00087 Sold

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