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Remember the
Golden Rules of Collecting




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Remember the
Golden Rules of Collecting:

  1. Know your subject. 
  2. Invest in reference material and read them. 
  3. Buy the best quality you can. 
  4. Buy from reputable vendors.

What's it worth?

Well, the first and most important thing to grasp is that the true value of any knife is what it changes hands for at a given moment in time and in a particular set of circumstances. After all, you wouldn't expect IBM stock to be the same price today as it was last week or as it may be next year. Well, it's exactly the same with knives and antiques. Once you are able to accept this, you're on the right track.

1. The Three Golden Rules
Not the same as the Golden Rules of Collecting above

Our advice is always the same, " Go for Quality ", while following our Three Golden Rules. Ask yourself these three questions, always in this order. Do I like it? ( Most important! ) Do I want it? Can I afford it? If the answer is Yes, Yes, and Yes then buy it. And by the way, don't ever lose sight of the fact that you're buying the item, not the discount. By following our tried and tested advice, you'll still be enjoying your knives long after you've forgotten their original cost.

2. Always get a Guarantee

Here at Cutler’s Cove, every item that we ship comes to you fully insured, and with our hassle-free return privilege. What could be better? You simply won't find a better deal than we can offer you so why not browse through our online inventory right now, and don't forget, most of the knives we have in stock is the only one we have!

3. Only buy from reputable Dealers.

As long established Professionals proud of our good reputation for honest dealing, it simply isn't worth our while to offer you anything other than a fair deal. What's more, we are now in our 15th year in the knife business and we want to be around many more years in the knife and cutlery community so our ethical standards are up there with the best.

The "Golden Rules of Collecting" article above contributed by Byron Rogers 
©Cutler's Cove All rights reserved.

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Some thoughts on limited edition and commemorative knives:

If the company or maker that made the limited edition or commemorative knife produces more than 2000 knives we recommend not to buy it. The reason is in the near future there will need to be at least 2001 people that purchased the knife or wanted to purchase the knife for the one you purchased to go up in value. The time frame for that to take place may not be in your lifetime. But if you like the knife and don't care if it goes up in value then it may be just fine with you.

Short list of items that help limited edition knives go up in value:

  • The knife is in fact a quality knife.

  • The knife is made by a quality maker or manufacturer.

  • 2000 or less made, a truly limited amount or edition produced.

  • Unusual handles, blade shape or number of blades.

  • A larger or smaller version than most knives of the same pattern. Example is a display knife with many different blades or large display knife.

  • Is the company or maker still in business? If not that may help the value go up because there will be none made or marked the same way again.

  • If it is a commemorative knife what does it honor or act as a memorial for. Is the person or event really important and will it stand the test of time. How many people care about what is commemorated by the knife?

On the whole limited edition and commemorative knives have great potential. Having said the above does not mean we do not think limited edition and commemorative knives are bad investments. There are some we think are great and will probably go up in value with time. Just use the above suggestion to help make up your mind. A limited edition or commemorative knife does not guarantee that the knife will go up in value.

The "Some thoughts on limited edition and commemorative knives" article above contributed by Byron Rogers 
©Cutler's Cove All rights reserved.

Why does a knife I purchased, say 10 years ago, cost so much more now than when I bought it?

Answer: There are several reasons for the increase in price over the years.

  • Materials and labor have gone up each year.
  • The dollar looses value each year because of inflation.
  • Each year more of the knife that you had back then are lost or worn out, which will make the ones left worth more to a collector or a user that wants to own and use a particular knife that is no longer made.
  • If your knife was made outside the USA back then, the dollar has also lost value against the German Mark and the Japanese Yen in the last few years. It may have lost value against other currencies but Germany and Japan are where most of the quality knives from over seas come from. The exchange rate back in the 1970’s was 300 to 350 for the Yen to each USA dollar. To day the exchange rate is about 100 Yen for each dollar. So that means if you want a knife from several of the countries outside the USA you will pay many more dollars to get it.
  • The company that made your knife may have only made a small number and that may cause a knife to go up in value.
  • The Neat factor as used by Levine in his Guide to Knives and Their Value. The Neat factor is when a knife looks neat to you and you want it bad, therefore you will pay more for the knife, because you have got to have it.
  • The company may have gone out of business and that will sometimes make a knife go up in value.

The "Why does a knife I purchased, say 10 years ago, cost so much more now than when I bought it" article above contributed by Byron Rogers 
©Cutler's Cove All rights reserved.

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Collecting Definition:

col·lect verb (past col·lect·ed, past participle col·lect·ed, present participle col·lect·ing, 3rd person present singular col·lects)

    1. transitive verb bring things together: to gather things and bring them together • I collected my belongings and left.

    2. transitive verb keep things of same type: to obtain and keep objects of a similar type because of their interest, value, or beauty

    3. transitive verb fetch and bring somebody or something: to fetch people or objects and bring them somewhere • They collected me from the airport.

    4. intransitive and transitive verb accumulate somewhere: to gather and gradually accumulate in a place

Ephemera Definition:

e·phem·er·a noun (plural e·phem·er·ae  or e·phem·er·as)

    1. something short-lived: something that is transitory and without lasting significance

collectable items: a range of collectable items that were originally designed to be short-lived • He’s a collector of ticket stubs, movie passes, and other ephemera.

Select categories of collected ephemera include:

  •  Prints and Maps

  •  Historic and Celebrity Autographs

  •  Photographica

  •  Post Cards, Trade Cards

  •  Paper Dolls, Valentines

  •  Vintage Letterheads, other Business Forms

  •  Collectible Advertising, Labels, Boxes

  •  Historic Documents

  •  Broadsides, Stock Certificates

  •  Early Newspapers

  •  Calendar Art, Catalogs

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