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The Knife Web Guide™ provides an extensive guide of links, resources and information to online knife, sword and cutlery-related Web sites organized by category and search. Look inside for links and other resources to knife manufacturers, custom knife makers, swords, magazines, knife collecting, knife making supplies, related sites and more.

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Articles and tips of interest in the areas of knife care, knife using, knife making, knife history, knife buying, definitions, sharpening, reviews, events and more from Cutlers Cove staff and contributing authors. Each article's copyright belongs to the author.

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This section provides interesting knife and related article links. Cutlers Cove would like to thank and the many fine publications that supply the information for us knife users.  New articles will be posted so keep checking back. If you come across an article you would like to share with us please contact us here: email us.

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Schrade celebrates 100 years of knife making - Industry Watch

Lone Wolf Knives Paul Pocket Knife - New Products

More knife stuff - Insider

Browning slices into knife market - Industry Watch

Blackie Collins Bowie knife - New Products

Does this knife make my butt look big? From salami to seat belts, the tactical folder earns it keys

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Knife World Yearly Index
Knife World has put together a annual index showing the contents of every issue starting in 1977. Thank you again Knife World for this great resource. Their site just keeps getting better and better with more interesting articles and useful information.

Knife World Turns Silver! a short history of KNIFE WORLD magazine. From an article published in the Sept. 2002 KNIFE WORLD. They turned 25 back in 2002.

Al Mar Knives Articles in Knife World:

Heirloom Quality - Al Mar Knives by Houston Price, Knife World, July 1983, pp4

Al Mar's One Zero by Greg Walker, Knife World, September 1986, pp23

Al Mar Knives by Houston Price, Knife World, May 1993, pp13

Al Mar’s Last Adventure by Jim Phillips, Knife World, July 1994, pp15

Al Mar Knives by Knife World, December 1999, pp26

Al Mar Knives 4X4 by Jim Richards, Knife World, May 2001, pp31

Al Mar Talon by M. Wilson Offutt, Knife World, August 2002, pp32

Knife World Knifemaker Article Index 1977-2003
As a service to their readers who may wish to refer to previously published articles, they (Knife World) offer a index of custom knifemaker features.

Knife Articles about companies that are out of business or changed by death or the top person is now gone.

The articles below give insight into what made the company interesting and different. They all make great reading.

Al Mar and the Warrior's Edge are synonymous, but he make knives for almost any purpose, too by Jack Lewis, The Gun Digest Book of Knives 3rd Edition, 1988, pp 201 

Blackjack Knives is new, but it is carving out its niche in a hurry by Jack Lewis, The Gun Digest Book of Knives 3rd Edition, 1988, pp 211 

Coleman Western - A new company with roots stretching back to the turn of the century by Jack Lewis, The Gun Digest Book of Knives 3rd Edition, 1988, pp 232 

Pete Kershaw's philosophy is simple: Make the best knife you can, then sell it to those who want the best by Jack Lewis, The Gun Digest Book of Knives 3rd Edition, 1988, pp 243

Growth - Coupled with heart and expertise - Is the foundation of Schrade's success by Jack Lewis, The Gun Digest Book of Knives 3rd Edition, 1988, pp 248

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