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Knife Patterns
What are they?




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Knife Patterns are what different styles of knives are labeled or called. Folding knives, pocket or slipjoint knives are part of one of the below groups or knife pattern.

Jack Knives for sale
Jack Knives are single-ended: they have their blade or blades hinged at one end. There are a few styles of stout double-ended jack knives. The number one collected, used, and carried style of knife is the Jack Knife pattern group (Factory Knives). Many Jack Knives have a clip on the back to carry the knife. Spyderco started the clothing clip design back in 1981. 

The following are many of the Jack Knife patterns: Lockback, Liner-Lock, Trapper, Folding Hunter, Physician, Melon Tester, Peanut, Swell-End, Canoes, Easy-Openers, Fishtail, Sunfish, Electrician, Pruning, Cotton Sampler, Budding, Grafting, Florist, Sailor’s Rope, Rigging, Barlow, Fish, Muskrat, Clasp, Moose, Silver Fruit, Gunstock, Toothpicks, Tactical.

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Multi-Blade Knives for sale
Multi-Blade Knives have a multitude of blades. They can have as few as three and as many as hundred or more. Generally at least one of the blades is a special purpose blade, such as a sheep-foot blade. Some have special implement blades, such as a can opener, a scissors, or even a wrench. The second most collected, used, and carried style of knife is the Multi-Blade Knife pattern group (Factory Knives). 

The following are many of the Multi-Blade Knife patterns: Stockman, Utility, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Horseman, Sportsman, Champagne, Bottle Opener, Smoker, U.S. Military, Cattle, Plier and Wrench (Multi-Tool), Tool Kit, Swiss Army.

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Pen Knives for sale 
Pen Knives are lightweight small double-ended knives. Most have two or three or more lightweight blades hinged in both ends.  Some of the smallest pen knives are single-ended, much like tiny jack knives. The third most collected, used, and carried style of knife is the Pen Knives pattern group (Factory Knives). 

The following are a few of the Pen Knife patterns: Congress, Whittler, Office, Senator, Sleeveboard, Gunstock, Wharncliffe, Tobacco, Crown, Serpentine, Lobster, Quill, Watch Fob.

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Advertising, Figural, Character & Miniature Knives for sale 
The knives in this group can have unique shapes, picture handles, celluloid handles, color etched handles, and embossed handles. Advertising knives usually have a company name or logo on the handles. The figural knives are shaped like other objects, or like animals or people. Character knives include Pop Eye, Hopalong Cassidy, Buck Rogers and others. Miniature knives can be functional or just charms. Some miniatures are very well done miniaturized copies of full size knives. The fourth most collected, used, and carried style of knife is the Advertising, Figural, Character and Miniature Knives pattern group (Factory Knives). 

Slipjoint knives or Slip Joint
This type of folding knife does not lock. Notice that most of the knife patterns are of this type or style.

Knife Care and General Knife Information

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