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Call for tips and articles!
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Looking for a little exposure? Want to beef up your Internet presence? Have a site you think other knife folks would find valuable? Currently, we are seeking tips, articles, critiques, how to, commentary or editorials on topics that would be of interest to knife, sword or cutlery enthusiasts. We are looking for authors to contribute to the information/articles section of the Knife Web Guide™ and our CC-Newsletter. If you have extensive knowledge or are versed in topics that would be of interest to our audience, feel free to contact us. Any suitable contributions will be added to KWG section or the CC-Newsletter.

Please check what we have on the site now to see if you would like to add to the library. Each article published includes credit byline on the article, information about the author and a link to the author's website and/or blog. We may also be able to add your banner to the KWG for a trade in banner impressions depending upon your web site, the banner and your article.

Specific Benefits to Authors:

Your tips or articles are seen by hundreds to thousands of visitors, providing much greater exposure than an article might normally receive. Daily your tips and articles are exposed to visitors to the KWG who are a targeted and interested audience for your services and/or products. Because of increased article exposure your traffic and link popularity may increase with time causing improvements in site ranking in the search engines.

Talk to us we want to publish informative articles from you!

Because of the amount of traffic, we receive, adding your article to the Knife Web Guide™ or CC-Newsletter will increase your traffic. Please help us make the Knife Web Guide™ the best knife, sword and cutlery resource on the web for all knife enthusiasts. Our goal is to have an ever developing and informative web site. We want to make this a complete site for the beginner and advanced knife enthusiast.

Help us add to the Knife Article Library

Please send a one-page query letter summarizing a proposed knife, sword or cutlery idea, describing the type of article or review. We will send you an acknowledgment email that we received your material. If we can use your article, we will get back in touch with you by email for the complete material. Our key considerations to use your article are: relevance, accuracy, grammar and originality. Please send all queries or articles by email to article.

Guidelines for all tips, articles, critiques, how to, commentary or editorials: Write the information in a helpful way for our readers to inform and educate them or make their life better or easier. The mind set we have for the articles we are looking for is more like an encyclopedia or book on the subject of knives, swords and cutlery. We do not use articles that sound like an ad for a product or website. The author cannot use the article and information to sell their product or website. If that is your purpose talk to us about an Advertorial.

If you wish to pay for what we call an Advertorial we can work with you in that direction. Click here for info on our Advertorial. We are committed to providing our readers with quality information and we extend this to our advertisements.

Be in Knife Web Guide Knife Article Library retains the right to edit or alter any materials submitted to fit the format of the website, and to add, remove or change the content as is deemed necessary to fit the format of this website.

The original author retains all rights to the original materials and manuscripts and as such is free to publish it in anyway he / she chooses. Should ownership of or be transferred to another party, all the content of or shall be deemed to be part of such as a transferal.

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Browse our Knife Article Library™ for some helpful stuff and take a minute to submit your own tip or hint that you've picked up. You'll get credit for it on the page if we use it. Looking for a little exposure? Want to beef up your internet presence? Have a site you think other knife enthusiasts would find valuable?
Send your articles or site links to us for inclusion in a future CC-Newsletter issue or to be used on Knife Web Guide site. 

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