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Some thoughts on link popularity and trading links.




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Or how to improve your website and improve your listing in the search engines.

Our Knife Web Guide has a top directory dealing with knives, swords and cutlery. If your site deals with any of the same topics you should consider trading links with us. We suggest you also go through our directory to find other sites that would make good link partners and ask them to trade links with you.

By trading links with quality like minded sites you help the internet become a better and more user friendly place to find information and resources dealing with the focused topics of knives, swords and cutlery.

Trade links only with sites that deal
with what your site deals with.

Here at we cannot recommend trading links with any site that does not relate to what your site is about and the type content that makes up your site. Do not trade links with sites just to get your link on another site. A link from an unrelated site does have value but not the higher value that a link from a related site has. A link from a unrelated site won't give the extra boost provided by relevancy.

Link popularity and PageRank are less about having many links on other sites and more about having links on other sites that deal with what your site deals with. Ask yourself what is the theme or themes that your site covers? If the site you trade links with does not have a similar theme then we recommend do not trade links with them.

You cannot be all things to all people nor can you make a site that deals with all information. (Unless you have big money, staff and time.) Focus your site. Make it the best you can on the subject that you deal with or are interested in. If you start getting off subject or theme maybe it is time to make a new and different site that deals with a different subject. Normally you buy a book that deals with one subject or theme. Make your website in a similar fashion.

Give lots of attention to your site content and anchor text for your link. Anchor text refers to the hyperlinked text that directs a user to the linked URL. Links can be more valuable when they include keywords in them because keywords tell the search engines what the referenced site is all about.

Keep learning and improving your content and site

If possible check your links from other sites to make sure they are not controlled by some type of script before they send a visitor or search engine robot to your site. Some scripts will make it impossible for a search engine to find or follow through to your site from a link on the other site even thou the link does send a visitor to your site.

We keep learning and improving our content and sites.  We listen to what our readers ask about and which topics interest them. We think that is all one can do to make a better site.

Trading links really works!
We have been doing it since 2000

If you have a subject or theme you would like us to cover on either of our sites, please let us know. If you write about knives, swords or cutlery, please summit an article so we can let the community learn from you. We have room on our site for many more articles dealing with our chosen topics so please summit your idea or tip. For information about sending us articles and tips Click here: Knowledgeable writers wanted!

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