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Cutlers Cove is home for vintage knives     Share/Bookmark provides an extensive guide of links, resources and information to online knife, sword and cutlery-related Web sites organized by category and search. Look inside for links to knife manufacturers, custom knife makers, swords, magazines, knife collecting, knife making supplies, related sites and more.

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Make your personal or commercial page more interesting for your visitors with a link to the Knife Web Guide™. The quality of our site and the significant amount of useful content and resources will add value to your site if you link directly to any of our pages. You can link to our home page, , , or directly to any of our Theme Categories with our thanks. We provide valuable information for your visitors and present that information in an attractive format so that it will be useful to them.

The KWG is one of the top directories related to the cutlery industry. It is truly the gateway to knife, sword and cutlery information and resources on the web. We have spent over 1,325 hours since October 2000 making the KWG (Knife Web Guide). Web sites in the KWG are organized by alphabetical category and the KWG has its own search, which helps your visitors find what they are looking for easier and faster.

Only what your visitors want!

Because the information and resources of the Knife Web Guide portal relate only to the chosen subjects (knives, swords and cutlery), users avoid the frustration of being inundated with unwanted information and the time wasted on filtering irrelevant search results.

Over 1.23 million unique visitors in 2006!

Our web site measurement shows our visitation rate continues to grow at a steady pace. Over 5,086,000 document views in 2006; over 2,235,000 document views in 2005; over 1,883,000 page views in 2004 and over 1,744,000 page views in 2003! One of the reasons the growth rate continues is the valuable information on our sites.

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Quality out going links to sites like ours will help you in attaining top search engine placement. Google rates most of our pages with their PageRank system in the 3 to 6 range. Google PageRank system is a ranking out of 10 where traditionally 4 and above is good and anything above 6 is excellent. In Google's eyes we are good to link to and from.

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We work hard to be sure that the Knife Web Guide is accurate, up to date, fully functional and as useful to our visitors as possible. We are always in the process of verifying each of our links and if you find dead or bad links please let us know here.

People can discover the cutlery world
the Knife Web Guide.

Almost daily new websites related to knives, swords and cutlery are created and choose Knife Web Guide's link directory to introduce themselves to the cutlery community.

We have a well-designed website and a valuable resource with useful information. Just what your visitors are looking for and they will thank you for helping them to discover the Guide.

The Knife Web Guide™ is part of an award-winning site. The broader knife community supports us with hundreds of websites linking to us, and many community groups and societies mentioning us to their members.

We provide a clear means of how to communicate with us by giving our phone, mail address and our form-mail on the site. We do not publish our email address because of spam but you can use our form-mail to contact us by email.

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We thank you for your time and consideration and we will continue working to make the KWG the best! Please come join us and grow with us.

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