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The Media Kit is where you will find services, features, resources and information for Knife Web Guide online knife, sword and cutlery-related marketing. Look for our current Rate Card, banner ad size requirements, Category Sponsor and much more.

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for your knife inventory!


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Professional marketing
services for trade
Details below

Our offer is to trade advertising or marketing services on for your knives!

We will  accept your quality knives in excellent or better condition and you receive professional marketing services in trade. A trade with us will make you more money!

We have 8,000 to 15,000 banner impressions available daily along with several other advertising services on to trade for your knives.

Send us a list of your trade knives with retail price and include which advertising service you want and we will get back to you with our professional marketing services trade offer for the service you want.

No obligation and you trade only when you are happy with the trade.

What do you do when you don't have enough cash to advertise?
You trade! Trading products and services for advertising is one of the hottest marketing topics in business discussions. And for good reason. Bartering for ads can give the small business person excellent opportunity and value.
Quote from Kevin Nunley.

We will always look at what you have for trade but generally we are only interested in quality vintage knives, knives that are not current, that is they are out of production. If you have quality new current knives for trade and they are excellent or better in condition we may be interested. We want to trade for quality vintage, used, old, antique, scarce and rare knives. We will trade for close outs and discontinued knives and related stock. We are open to select quality custom knives also. The minimum trade offer starts at $100.00 for your knife retail to our $100.00 marketing services retail. We will trade retail for retail when we trade with you!

We are looking for knives made in the quality manufacturing centers around the world including:
Sheffield, England
Solingen, Germany
Maniago, Italy
Seki, Japan
Toledo, Spain
United States of America

All advertising services start after we have received your trade inventory and approved it for the trade. All advertising will be traded at our regular price. All advertising services are open to trade if available for the time you want the advertising service. You pay to ship to us and we will give you credit (more advertising) for the total actual shipping and insurance. Some advertising inventory can be booked in advance with trade payment in full, just ask. Trades are not available on any advertising special offers, promotions or custom made banner designs. See below for links to all the advertising price lists and services.

Because you are trading retail for retail you will make a profit on the trade!

Now is the time to look around for inventory that you would like to get rid of and turn it into something constructive for your company. Limited Offer

Send us your trade offer list
and what you want to receive in our advertising services.

Please call: (325) 617-2578, 10-6pm CST Monday-Friday, or email the Marketing Department here.
Marketing Department
P.O. Box 3171
San Angelo, Texas 76902-3171

How we grade your knives. Another way to grade a knife is to list what is different about the knife compared to a new one.

Eight ways to advertise in the
Knife Web Guide

 1. Category Sponsor of theme-category page. Your Category Sponsor listing will receive unlimited visitors for a low monthly price. Choose from 78 categories.

 2. Banner Advertising Rate Card With our low rates you can reach your customers for very little! Flexible ad scheduling and country targeting.

 3. Sponsorships of KWG
Sponsorship packages start at 90 days and you get discounts and priority placement on all included options.

 4. Multi-category listing
Be listed more than once in the directory for a full year at a fixed fee. A full year for $50 each category or three listings for $135.

 5. What if you do not want to be a Link Partner but you still want your site listed in the KWG?

 6. in the KWG
Free with reciprocal link. Click for how to add your site. Sign up now!

 7. Advertorial
Custom package - Click for compete details.

 8. Microsites
1 to 9 pages just for you and we do all the technical work for you.

Complete information with all the options to advertise with

Go to the home page of the Media Kit:

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Ad delivery system on KWG and CC:


Custom Design Banners made just for you:

Top ten reasons to advertise your knife, sword or cutlery business in the KWG:

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You control when your ad shows; both the time of day and the day of the week. You control what countries see your ad. You control how many times any one visitor sees your ad in a 24 hour period. Use our advanced targeting capabilities to get more bang for your ad dollar.

With KWG Marketing, you can strategically plan your online ads and advanced targeting capabilities. You can pay by credit card through PayPal or trade. Compare our rates and reach to say Blade® Magazine*. This works and is cost effective!

Get started today!

Market to the interested

You don't want to advertise to people who aren't interested. Don't put ads in front of people that are boring them.

If you are in the knife, sword or cutlery business KWG is the place to advertise!


We must approve what you have to trade before you ship it to us. We cannot be responsible for any "initiative" someone shows assuming that they know we will trade for what they have. Do not ship without approved confirmation. If you ship knives or items to us without an approved confirmation you will pay to have them shipped them back to you. If the knives or items you shipped us are not as you described after you have an approved confirmation from us we will pay to ship them back to you.

Knife Web Guide Marketing reserves the right to terminate the trade advertising for knife inventory and the service is subject to change without notice. All advertising is subject to prior sale and price change without notice. Once we make a trade you will get all the advertising you traded for guaranteed.

This offer is to trade our advertising or marketing services on for your knives!

The amount of banner impressions available is subject to change.

Retail to us means manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) if the knife or item is current production. If the knife or item is not current production then Retail to us means a price we can both live with. You trade only when you are happy with the trade and are under no obligation to trade. If you have questions or want to start a trade give us a call or email.

You trade us an old Case knife worth $125.00 and you want $125.00 worth of banner advertising. When the trade is done you send us a 125 x 125 (Square Button) banner and we give you $125.00 + $7.70 shipping = $132.70 credit to display your banner and then we show your banner until all the impressions are used up.

bullet You control when your banner ad shows
Both the time of day and the day of the week.
bullet You control what countries see your banner ad.
bullet You control how many times any one visitor sees your banner ad in a 24 hour period.

You don't have to wonder if your banners are getting results. Your stats show you. Each advertiser has personal login including username and password. You will be able to check your stats 24/7.

Another example
You trade us an old Schrade knife worth $200.00 and you want to be the Category Sponsor of the Knife Dealers-Retailers Theme-category page for six months at a cost of $189.00. When the trade is done you will be made a Category Sponsor and will have $18.70 left to spend on other professional marketing services.

Are you ready to get started today? Lets trade!

Glossary of Interactive Advertising Terms
The IAB’s Glossary of Interactive Advertising Terms has been written to help marketers, agency executives, and publishers understand the language of this powerful new marketing tool.

The above examples where current the day published and all Rates are subject to change without notice. Remember we will pay in trade for you to ship your knives to us.

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