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Ready for Holiday Shopping Season in July


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For most retailers, the holiday shopping season is undoubtedly the most competitive, challenging and crucial six to eight weeks of the entire year. Come November you want to be sure you have the best advertising possible in place. By that time it maybe to late to fix flaws in your marketing effort.  

So you ask why bring this up as early as July? It can take weeks for the selection process of what and how you are going to sale during the holiday season. Then you must ramp-up all the individual parts to bring the project in focus ready to go and work well during the short time period of the holiday shopping season. Completion of the ramp-up could realistically take many weeks. Which means you should start thinking now about where you are, if you want to be ready when November comes. 

If you're in retail, you're familiar with why holiday shopping is so rough. Everybody with anything to sell is working a lot harder to make sales and that includes stepping up advertising of all kinds. More advertising means rising advertising costs and less selection of placement. 

Since the entire ramp-up process takes a while--and since your internal team needs time to make its own ad-management decisions--you should allow real time for marketing planning and purchases of different advertising. Which is why you need to start thinking now even in July about where you want to be this holiday season.

Advertisers can buy Tier 1 banner space or impressions weeks or months before a campaign begins which will guarantee location and placement in our network. Let us know your plans and what you will need.

Guaranteed placement requires Tier 1 rate. By making a minimum of a 50% deposit we will hold the position you asked for in our network for your campaign to start up to 90 days from the date of the deposit. Placement is subject to availably. After your campaign starts it will run its normal course to completion. To use your deposit and start a campaign you must pay the remainder of the balance that was left after the initial minimum deposit was made for the campaign you planed to run. You can not run fewer impressions than you originally reserved but you can purchase more if they are available. If you do not start a campaign within 90 days of the deposit payment you will forfeit your complete deposit. Tier 2 and Tier 3 rates cannot be purchased held or booked by deposit. They require full payment and must be started at time of purchase. Subject to start date limits. Deposits are nonrefundable because we are holding a space just for you.

About the Author

Byron Rogers is the Director of the He has full time or part time had his own business since 1976. He started selling and trading knives 1991 in Austin, Texas and now in San Angelo, Texas. Let us know if we can help with your strategic advertising planning. We don't know all the answers in marketing but we deftly know many things not to do and we are glad to share them with you.

Article by Copyright ©Byron Rogers, visit for more original content like this. All rights reserved.

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