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The Media Kit is where you will find services, features, resources and information for Knife Web Guide online knife, sword and cutlery-related marketing. Look for our current Rate Card, banner ad size requirements, Category Sponsor and much more.

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Strategic Planning

Online, if promotions or ads aren't pulling, change them. Don't keep blindly running the same ads and promotions. If there's time, test-drive your ad campaign and find the ones that draw your best customers.

Ten customers are much better than 1000 browsers. Volume is a help but not your goal for traffic. Converting visitors to buyers is the goal. Having lots of people going to your website does not mean your advertising is working. Don’t get me wrong having many visitors can help your brand in the long run but if you are like most small businesses you need sales now to pay for the advertising in the first place.

One category listing is free with a
Link Partner in the KWG.

Something we have learned recently is that many advertisers stop short on their campaigns. In order for advertising to work it must be given time and exposure to make it a success.

How much time is a question that is hard to answer? Generally on our network we have found that one month is a minimum but many times this is way to short of a time frame. We think a three month minimum campaign is a much better way to find out what works and what doesn’t. If you can afford a six month campaign it is the best time frame to learn what is going to work best.

MORE THAN ONE IN FIVE U.S. adults, or 22 percent, say the Internet is the most effective way to grab their attention about a product or service, according to a report released by Burst Media. April 2006  More

If you don’t have six months or must get results faster then you will need to run more banners. We have found one of the best ways to get the message out about your offer and business is to use several different size banners with a similar theme showing at the same time in a campaign in our network.

Something you should try on our network are the several ways we have to show different aspects about your business or service to the cutlery world audience.

KWG's innovative advertising solutions add flexibility to your marketing and real impact to your message.

Try the several ways we have to show different aspects about your business or service to the cutlery world.

Your site will get noticed first with Category Sponsor!

We receive many page views on each category in the directory part of the KWG and most of those pages have many different companies web site listed. In order to grab attention before the other web sites on each category page we came up with the category sponsor, ensure that visitors see your listing first because you are first. There is no limit on the visitors to your site with the premium Category Sponsor listing for a low monthly fee.

To drive more quality traffic to your web site our Multi-category listing, which if your site fits, will allow your business to showcase more of what you do or offer for sale. The category heading your site is listed under is crucial to increase awareness about all the parts that make up your total business.

For not much money your audience can find for example: you sell throwing knives, sharpeners, swords, knife books and are a full line knife dealer. For this example you would multi list your different areas of business in five different Theme-Categories inside the KWG. Of course one category listing is free with a Link Partner in the KWG. Highly recommended!

The more categories or headings your listings appear on, the more customers you’ll attract.

Each of the Multi-category listings you purchase in the KWG directory should link to the exact page on your site that is a match for the category the visitor is clicking from, not just to your home page.

The users we attract are likely to be focused in a particular niche, which is a big part of what makes KWG advertising attractive. We believe a successful tactic is to tap into the enthusiasm and dedication of our audience by becoming a sponsor. The lower cost of sponsorship makes each of the different ways our network delivers your message our best advertising buy. As a sponsor of the KWG you receive priority placement, a discount on the ways you have to advertise and a listing on the Sponsors Page.

Receive a discount on all the ways we have to advertise
by being a KWG Sponsor

Advertorial will draw extra attention to your special project. If you have a new product coming out an advertorial page or section within our network will show all the details of your new product because of the extra space and room that an advertorial gives. You can show and explain what the new product looks like, what it is made of, what it will do and much more.

Talk to us if you have an idea for an advertorial that will work for you on our network. We are open to custom content and exclusivity. We will work with you to come up with something that will be cost effective and help a positive brand impression or sell the product.

Because all successful advertising incorporates both appeal and relevance, the ability to guide users to additional relevant content provides the advertiser with a great advantage.

Be on the internet with a web site for as
little as 72¢ per day!

The microsite is a fast direct way to let the world know about what you are selling. A microsite can cost less than a new web site. It can be up and running in shorter time and is easier than building your own web site because we do most of the work.

We will register your domain name (if it is available) for one year included with each microsite and have it point to the home page in your microsite. You will be able to add your domain URL to all your business cards, letterheads and brochures to send customers to your web site.

We would love to tell to you that you should spend your entire advertising budget here in our network but that would not be true. To have the greatest impact you must choose several different media to reach your audience. We cannot make recommendations for which media and how many but we can tell you to try several over a reasonable time and track your results.

Media consumption is falling for most offline media and growing by leaps and bounds online. Quote by Scott Rafer

Online Publishing Insider for Monday, August 1, 2005. Scott Rafer is president and CEO of Feedster (, a blog search engine and advertising network.

Remember a persistent presence helps to ensure that you're reaching the most people to visit the KWG, which can be a big help in extending your reach.

We hope the above information will help you get the most from using the unique KWG network to let the world market find what you sell or the service that you offer. Let us know your results and any ideas you have to improve what we are doing.

There is a big opportunity in advertising with KWG.
Give us a try!

About the Author

Byron Rogers is the Director of the He has full time or part time had his own business since 1976. He started selling and trading knives 1991 in Austin, Texas. Let us know if we can help with your strategic advertising planning.

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