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How's your HUB? by Mike Shannon

Marketing gurus are always coming up with new lingo but oftentimes they are restating the old tried and true concepts in new terms. Marketing students from the 70's and 80's will be familiar with the acronym USP. USP stands for your "Unique Selling Position" and it should be the cornerstone of your marketing.

Today they use a different acronym and talk about your HUB. HUB is a good one because just like the hub of a wheel, the image is that your HUB is at the center of your all of your marketing. HUB stands for "Hottest Undeniable Benefit". What is the single most benefit that you provide for your clients? At Shamrock Business Coaching it is "increasing profits". Maybe you are in a highly competitive retail item business and the thing that distinguishes you from all the rest is that you provide "FREE overnight delivery". Maybe you have the worlds largest tech warehouse and you can make the claim unlike others that you "stock every computer part imaginable".

Hottest Undeniable Benefit. Once you know your HUB it truly should be the center of your marketing. All of your marketing. Web site, informational brochure, postcards, flyers, promotional products, newspaper and radio ads....everything should include this HUB consistently. Even the way you market or introduce your self. Instead of saying "Hi, I'm Sam. I work in a warehouse", say "Hi, I'm Sammy Spade and I help computer geeks find any part they could ever need."

About the Author

Mike Shannon is the owner of Shamrock Business Coaching, a professional coaching practice that helps owners of small and medium sized businesses increase their profits. You can visit Shamrock Business Coaching on the web at:

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