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The Media Kit is where you will find services, features, resources and information for Knife Web Guide online knife, sword and cutlery-related marketing. Look for our current Rate Card, banner ad size requirements, Category Sponsor and much more.

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Helpful information on advertising, banners and marketing.
If you are a beginner or seasoned pro there are many great tips and insights among the articles below. Click on the ones you want to read.

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Articles from Cutlers Cove staff and contributing authors covering matters of interest in the areas of advertising, banners, marketing, definitions, reviews, events and more. Each article's copyright belongs to the author.

GeoTargeting: This feature allows you to target ads to specific countries when you purchase banner ads from us.

Ready for Holiday Shopping Season in July?

Basic HTML: Banners: Get Your Banner Out There

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Designing Catchy Effective Banner Ads

10 Killer Ways To Make People Click

Internet Promotion - Advantages and Disadvantages

How's your HUB? Hottest Undeniable Benefit.

Why your ads aren’t working

The quality of your offer and the clarity of your message are still the main factors in getting results.

Advertising - For Small Businesses (Part 1)

Advertising - For Small Businesses (Part 2)

How to improve and extend your advertising budget

Glossary for Web Technology and Advertising

Understanding Hits, Page Views, Visitors and User Sessions

"A good ad which is not run never produces sales." - Leo Burnett, quoted in 100 LEO's

What you get for being an advertiser on the KWG

Is Norton Blocking Your Internet Marketing Efforts?

Advertisers and Sponsors Testimonials and Compliments

Top ten reasons to advertise your knife, sword or cutlery business in the KWG?

Advertising Quotes - Indexed notes on advertising.

"Advertising is, actually, a simple phenomenon in terms of economics. It is merely a substitute for a personal sales force - an extension, if you will, of the merchant who cries aloud his wares." - Rosser Reeves, Reality in Advertising

Internet Advertising Directory at University of Texas

Bill of Rights for our Advertisers

Brand Increase Guarantee. See how a known company does it.

In Praise of Serendipity

Press Release Feeds for Advertising Marketing

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Interactive Advertising Bureau*
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Webmaster Radio Station

Would you like to advertise free on our network?

We are looking for web sites to create an alliance on the two goals below:
  1. We are looking for a few web sites to showcase our Our goal is to trade with sites that we think will help get the word out about what the KWG is about. We are looking to go beyond link exchanging.
  2. We are looking for a few web sites to showcase several of our new marketing opportunities. Our goal is to trade with sites that we think will help get the word out about how marketing in our network has helped them in anyway. It could be trading links, to how sponsoring the KWG helped them.
If you are interested in forming a alliance to help us in these goals please let us know what you have in mind and how we can help each other in a no cost or low cost way to promote each others web site and business. We are open to trading limited banner ad space inside our network of and; to creating new banners for the alliance; new pages or section inside the KWG to promote a new project or product. Talk to us lets see what we can come up with and then work out.

Our ultimate goal is to earn trust and build a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship.

Contact us by phone (325) 617-2578, 10-6pm CST Monday-Friday, or email the alliance department here.

Please put Alliance Department at the top of your email, that way we can respond to your request fast.

Mail all correspondence, proofs, copy, DVD, CD, 100 MB or 250 MB Zip Disk, 3.5" diskette and complete alliance materials to:

Knife Web Guide
Alliance Department
P.O. Box 3171
San Angelo, Texas 76902-3171

PC format only.
MAC format not accepted.

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