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The Media Kit is where you will find services, features, resources and information for™ online knife, sword and cutlery-related marketing. Look for our current Rate Card, banner ad size requirements, Category Sponsor and much more.

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Need a banner for your web site or special promotion?

Banners provide the fastest way to get your site noticed on the rapidly growing Internet. Use of banner advertisements in a creative way help drive brand awareness and trigger sales.

Let us create a professional, eye-catching banner that you own which will enable you to take advantage of a variety of promotional opportunities including:

  • Giving you access to new audiences and increase traffic to your Website.
  • Enhance brand recognition for your growing business.
  • Prepare you to take advantage of a variety of other advertising opportunities.
  • Show your custom made banner ad on
  • Animated or Static banners.
  • Don't see what you need? We design any size!
  • New service for custom Twitter backgrounds

Our goal is to deliver an interesting ad design with a compelling message that is easy to read and understand so you will succeed. We really give people something worth clicking on.

Banner Ads that work! High quality website promotion.

Custom banner or button design is available at $15 - $95. Please call, email or write us for an estimate. The purchased banner or button design is yours to keep and use after it is finished. We will work with you to make a banner that you are happy with and proud to own.

Custom designed banner rates and dimensions

Banner Sizes

Square Button
Animated or standard banners and buttons in .gif .jpg or .png formats
$15.00 to
$25.00 to
$40.00 to
$40.00 to
$60.00 to
$65.00 to
New larger sizes below ---  Click here to see application

Banner Sizes

Half Page
Leaderboard Banner
Animated or standard banners and buttons in .gif .jpg or .png formats $65.00 to
$75.00 to
$40.00 to
$65.00 to
$65.00 to
$60.00 to

New Guaranteed Traffic Banner Advertising Program
See rate card for cost per click, CPC, advertising details.

Rates effective August 19, 2006 and subject to change without notice.

We create winning banner campaigns for exceptional clients.

Animated and static banner design services.

An extensive portfolio and over 8 years of banner ad design experience.

When you are ready to run a targeted campaign with your custom ads, you will be charged for the media based on the budget that you set starting at $40 and up.

To place an order send us what size you want and we will get back in touch with you. Click the "Contact Us" button below.

How to Order    Contact Us    More info on advertising.

Send us your marketing materials – We can get started with as little information as a few notes about your business and a business card with a logo. Our designers will use this information as a point of departure for creating an attractive, custom banner just for your business. Feel free to provide additional marketing materials such as a Yellow Pages ad, menu, flyer, brochures, newspaper ad, logo or pictures and we'll incorporate this content into your banner.

We have over two million images for us to choose that will make your banner a winner including photos, graphics and clipart that cover thousands of interests and categories. We have thousands of unique fonts for us to choose that will add a distinctive style to your ad. Royalty has been paid on all the images, so you do not need to pay any extra. After we receive payment and the marketing materials we will send you a first draft of your new banner for approval. Free revisions included! No hidden costs! Fast turn around!

New service for Twitter backgrounds, only $59.00 for a custom made background to efficiently express your brand and image on Twitter. Let them know who you "really" are with your very own customized Twitter Background.

Our above fees include the delivery of your banners by email and they are ready to use and run on your website or any other website. For a extra fee we can make a CD and mail them to you.

Click here for glossary on Web Technology and Advertising.
Media Kit Site Map

Banner Portfolio

Below are samples of banners in different sizes that we've created for clients and various projects.

−−−  468 X 60 Full Banners  −−−

What's New On Cutlers Cove

Vintage Knife Backgrounds


−−−  125 X 125 Square Buttons  −−−






−−−  120 X 60 Buttons  −−−



         Save with Spring ad package


−−−  120 X 240 Vertical Banners  −−−





−−−  120 X 600 Skyscrapers  −−−





−−−  300 X 250 Medium Rectangle Banners  −−−



−−−  300 X 600 Half Page Banners  −−−



−−−  728 X 90 Leaderboard Banners  −−−


Help and FAQ about

Animated: Any kind of movement seen on a banner. Example: Flashing "Click Here" button; Rotating text; moving images are all considered animations.

Static: No movement at all. All you see is one static frame.

ALL CAPS is very hard on the eyes... it is difficult to read and also indicates Screaming/Yelling in the conversation. It is also considered impolite.

Please do not use all caps, unless you are signifying shouting.

Is it Time to Stop Using ALL CAPS? Click here for very good article about using all caps.

Be aware that you can run the same banner ad around one to three months within a campaign period before its appeal lessens in the online advertising world. So it makes sense to spend extra time and money to prepare a worthwhile ad that can be successfully used for awhile. Over long terms such as these, however, be aware that the client (you) often tires of the ad before the audience does.

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