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The Media Kit is where you will find services, features, resources and information for Knife Web Guide online knife, sword and cutlery-related marketing. Look for our current Rate Card, banner ad size requirements, Category Sponsor and much more.

Bill of Rights for our Advertisers


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What you get for being an advertiser on the KWG

  1. We will do our best to get your advertising going as fast as we can on our network. We will try to have you up live on the network the same day you place and pay for your advertising order if we have all the required items before 12:00 noon here in Texas. Offer good during normal business hours Monday through Friday.
  2. We will do our best to show all your advertising all the time or at the time frames you have requested.* If you want to show the maximum banners per hour we will always try to honor your request if you are at the Sponsor or Tier 1 level.

    We will be fair to all advertisers.

  3. We will be fair to all advertisers. The Tier system allows each advertiser to buy the level that we place their banners on the network. Sponsors get first place and top priority in the Tier system. Next comes the Tier 1 level, then the Tier 2 level and last the Tier 3 level. All banners will be shown as paid for in the Tier system therefore you will get what you paid for. Understand that Tier 3 banners may take longer in time to get shown but they will get shown and they are the least expensive banners in our system.
  4. We will never remove your banners from the campaign or location that you purchased to some other location on the page. What this means is you pay for a particular banner location on our pages and we will show all your banners in that location until they are all shown unless you request other wise.
  5. We will monitor our network to see if any problems cause it not to deliver your ads and other advertising parts and will fix any problems that might occur as fast as possible. If our network should go down and cause your advertising not to be available for an extended time period we will make good on any time or other parts not shown.

    We will monitor our network every 15 minutes, 24/7/365

  6. We have a monitor system that checks the web sites every 15 minutes of every day, 24/7/365, to see if the server is up and working. It notifies us if there is a down period or problem. If our network is down your banners will not be shown therefore the banner delivery system will not count any banners because none are being shown. You will still get the amount you ordered and paid for.
  7. The banner delivery system keeps track of impressions and each click-through per banner, multiple banners per campaign, banner expiration by clicks or impressions and provides a report page for each advertiser. It automatically rotates at random the banners from each advertiser. It tracks the clicks and views for any media including GIF, JPG, PNG, Text Ads, HTML, Flash, Java and Rich Media.
  8. The banner delivery system supports auto notifications by email. We receive questions from advertisers' advertisers receive notice when each Campaign ends (when all your banner impressions or paid clicks have been used up for a single campaign). We will respond to any request for changes from our advertisers as soon as possible and do our best to respond no later than the same day as the request during our normal business hours.

    Which pages are popular

  10. We produce a detail report every month that is available free to any advertiser that covers the traffic by page in the KWG. The report is produced in HTML format using our Urchin web measurement software and is made after the end of each month. If you are an advertiser and you want a Traffic patterns and page views in the KWG report for each month you advertise with us just send us a request by email, phone or mail and we will send you the report at the email we have on record for you at no charge. We only send the report by email if you ask for it and each months report is available after the end of the month, early in the next month, after the report is produced.
  11. Top 10 rankings on Google for KWG May 2, 2006

  12. We will send the least amount of email required to service your account. Look for an email when you start advertising with us which will deliver your login information. You will receive another email a little before your banners and each other advertising parts come to an end. You will receive an auto notification by email when each Campaign ends. You will receive an email if there are any problems, changes, you get bumped in the Tier system or we have questions about your account.
    We will do our best to honor all the above.
    Signed the staff of Cutlers Cove and Knife Web Guide
    Marketing Department.


  14. Knife Web Guide
    Marketing Department
    P.O. Box 3171
    San Angelo, TX 76902-3171
    For more information, or to place a insertion order, please call: (325) 617-2578, 10-6pm CST Monday-Friday, or email the Marketing Department here.  

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*We have been tracking the error logs on our network for over a year now using our new banner management system and our web measurement software. We now have an understanding of the amount of banners that are not delivered for what ever reason on our network. Some of the errors are: Service Unavailable, Bad Request, Internal Server Error and all of these status code errors are common with all servers.

Because our server has these different errors does not mean our server is bad or not a high quality one. We wanted to know how many banners where not being delivered for each advertiser so we could make them up by adding more to the total impressions purchased. The amount averages 1.3% over a month's period of time.

Therefore starting 7-30-2005 we will add a fixed amount (1.3%) to each campaign purchased to help make sure each advertiser receives all the impressions they have paid for.

We are serious about the delivery accuracy of our banner impressions and will continue to monitor our system and make adjustments to the make good percentage for each account and campaign.

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