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Is Norton Blocking Your Internet Marketing Efforts?


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Is Norton Blocking Your Internet Marketing Efforts?

by Linda Buquet on

"Norton Internet Security and Firewall are blocking many affiliate links, ad banners, AdWords, Adsense and even text links. It may even be blocking your own site logo or your family pictures if they are a certain image size.

When I say "blocked" I mean erased, wiped out and invisible. It leaves a blank white spot where the banners or text links should have been, making it look like your site is defective or you are missing information. Norton does not just block ads, it literally strips the source code out of the page."

Very good article and important!

This information is very important to all internet web sites that rely on some form of advertising to support their site. This program will harm your hard work to build and add content to make your site better even if you do not use advertising to support your site. Go to the site to read the complete article by clicking above link.

Is this unfair restraint of trade and improper censorship
as well as malicious altering of your Web sites?

Disclaimer - if Norton has made any recent changes to address these issues I am unaware of it.

This applies only to users of Norton Internet Security products, not users of just the Norton Anti-Virus products.

Affiliate Marketers: 'Blocking Software Is Killing Us'
By Wayne Kawamoto  December 2, 2004

Update Oct. 26, 2006
If you are using any Norton product that has the Ad Blocker feature you can choose to let ads show on select sites. We recommend that you allow ads on sites that you really are interested in because you may miss a valuable offer or the announcement of the newest or latest. Ads keep you up to date with what is going on in the field of interest you have by showing the new and improved and making special offers to let you purchase the newest and improved of what ever that you have an interest in. Plus the ads many times are how the site is paying for the info that you are there for in the first place. If they cannot pay for the content you are using the site may stop improving and adding to the content or even worst the site mite go out of business.

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