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The Media Kit is where you will find services, features, resources and information for Knife Web Guide™ online knife, sword and cutlery-related marketing. Look for our current Rate Card, banner ad requirements, Category Sponsor and much more.

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Our research shows that advertisers can be the prominent brand if they have at least three banners showing at the same time in rotation inside the KWG. The banners need to be different sizes and strategically located on each page. This allows the eye of the visitor to notice your message in a more natural reading way. Remember you will receive all 135,000 impressions no matter how long it takes, guaranteed.

The Dominate Ad Package runs for about 3 months.

°°°  Dominate Ad Package  °°°

Banner Sizes Impressions CPM Totals
125X125 45,000 $2.93 $131.85
468X60 45,000 $4.06 $182.70
120X600 45,000 $4.89 $220.05
3 banner ads 135,000 total



Dominate Package is only $479.95
This campaign will last about 90 days and show about 45,000 of your banners each month!
Save over $54

All for about $159 per month!

The Dominate package has three of our largest banner ads for more coverage. The Dominate Ad Package is a premium priority Tier 1 campaign and includes the top 125X125 square button in the upper left corner, along with the top center 468X60 full banner and then the 120X600 skyscraper on the left.

Do you have a one day sale planed?

Do you have a special event coming up?

Do you have a business anniversary soon?

We can show your banner ads for maximum exposure for a limited time or before a event, sale or anniversary. This can be done during any special event. Dominate the pages in the KWG - guaranteed!

If you absolutely positively must get your message
going now, this is the way to go!

Because Tier 1 is a guaranteed rate for as long as you have banners to show you can not be bumped down or removed until your banner impressions have all been shown. Your banners will be seen first above all others except KWG site Sponsors. If you need a maximum amount of banners shown in a limited period of time this package will truly dominate the pages of the KWG with impressions to get your message noticed for about three months.

Purchase this package for a total 135,000 impressions and receive a big discount. This is a lot of impressions in three different sizes including the large skyscraper banner!

Contact us today about starting your campaign!

We will need three banners total one each in three different sizes to start your campaign. We recommend having the same theme for all the banners in the campaign which will produce more impact. See above table for the required three sizes. Need banners for this special promotion? Click here. serves thousands of visitors each month

By advertising today, you'll create goodwill, profits and awareness for tomorrow. Call on our Marketing Department today and find out how banner advertising can work for you. We'll keep your company name and image in front of your customers and promote your ad-message.

Dominate Ad Package complete with
three custom
animated banners
Save Big!
Includes 135,000 impressions and custom banners made for you
125X125 square button; 468X60 full banner; 120X600 skyscraper

The banners are yours to keep after the promotion ends.

 Need banners for this special promotion?
Click here

Each advertiser is reaching out to customers before they arrive at the final buying of product or service. Therefore two important places to reach customers are before they arrive at the consideration part of the buying cycle and the final buying of product or service. By choosing our network each advertiser reaches out to customers before they get to either. Knife Web Guide™ Staff

Minimum purchase is required. Prices are subject to change. For questions or to order call a Knife Web Guide sales representative at (325) 617-2578 and ask for the Dominate Package.
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How to Pay

Click here to order Tier 1 with Auto Renewal PayPal now! Click here to order Tier 1 with Auto Renewal PayPal now!

Click here to order Tier 2 with PayPal now! Click here to order Tier 2 with PayPal now!

Click here to order Tier 3 with PayPal now! Click here to order Tier 3 with PayPal now!

Click here for more reasons to trust us with your advertising.

Banner space is reserved for knife, sword, cutlery-related and outdoor advertisements only and is offered to a limited number of advertisers. Please note that there is limited space, and ads will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Advertising opportunities on the Knife Web Guide portal are available to all approved sites and retailers world wide. If this is the targeted audience you are looking for, is a great place to advertise.

See the Rate Card here for current prices.

Knife Web Guide Marketing accepts the Cutlers Cove Gift Certificates for all marketing and advertising services.
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Dominate Package is effective Oct. 1, 2009 and is subject to change.

The Knife Web Guide Staff

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