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The Media Kit is where you will find services, features, resources and information for Knife Web Guide online knife, sword and cutlery-related marketing. Look for our current Rate Card, banner ad size requirements, Category Sponsor and much more.

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This is the place to find current marketing and advertising specials. You will find ad packages to make your brand stand out along with time limited deals.

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60 days unlimited impressions. Five different size banner ads to choose from. Minimum one month purchase required. You furnish the banner and we do the rest. Pay for one month get one month free!!! What a deal!!!

This makes our advertising a real bargain. Also this means you can be showing your banner with unlimited impressions for as little as 52 per day.

* On the order page for the above packages shows one month duration but when you pay for one we will give you another month free! Also the Cost Per Month is figured for purchasing one month but again you will receive two months for the cost of one for a total of 60 days. We only have space for 10 total advertisers with guaranteed placement for 60 days. With this offer your cost is fixed for 60 days of unlimited advertising. You will not pay any more. Save 50% offer not available for trade.

First come first served. Limited space available.
Only two advertisers can be showing in each of five different size banner ad packages.

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Once your payment is received, you will be able to setup your ad on our system instantly.

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Dominate Ad Package complete with three custom animated banners

Professional marketing services for trade
Will trade advertising inventory for knife inventory!

The three best ways to advertise with us! Guaranteed Traffic Banner Advertising

Ask about our super all year long advertising money making package deal? Marketing accepts the Cutlers Cove Gift Certificates for all marketing and advertising services.
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KWG's Guaranteed Traffic Banner Advertising

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Premium KWG Sponsorship

Deluxe KWG Sponsorship

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How to place advertising order

Want a made to order banner for your web site or special promotion?

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Rate Card for current prices.

How to Pay

Top ten reasons to advertise your knife, sword or cutlery business in the KWG

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For more information, or to place a insertion order, please call:
, 10-6pm CST Monday-Friday, or email the Marketing Department here.
Marketing Department
P.O. Box 3171
San Angelo, Texas 76902-3171

Phone - 325-617-2578

By advertising today, you'll create goodwill, profits and awareness for tomorrow. Call on our Marketing Department today. We'll keep your company name and image in front of your customers and promote your ad-message.

Minimum purchase is required. Prices are subject to change. For questions or to place an order call a sales representative at (325) 617-2578.

Banner ad space is reserved for knife, sword, cutlery-related and outdoor advertisements only and is offered to a limited number of advertisers. Please note that there is limited space, and ads will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Advertising opportunities on the Knife Web Guide portal are available to all approved sites and retailers world wide. If this is the targeted audience you are looking for, is a great place to advertise.

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